SPECIAL REPORT: Stock Market Meltdown? Flash-crash? No. This Is What Happened. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Good call. Gregory got it RIGHT.


success continues yes @epona

Run the STOCKS? Good Theory Gregory!

Lovely Monday Day Bleed off!

DOW DOWN 1600? Wtf?

We the People were PLAYED.

Interesting? is a understatement! "EPIC!?"

Looks like a melt down, smells like a melt down, must be a MELT DOWN!

I see Crypto's still having further correction thru this week?

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Good to know




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Thank You, Gregory, Upvoted, and Resteemed. And, Gregory, thank you for the SteemPower.

Thx Greg, upvoted.


Thanks a lot Mr Robin !

I'm learning a lot on finance and markets thanks to you. Great work!

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Thx I did the homework:

Running the stops is when a trader (or group of traders) anticipate that this scenario will unfold at a price level and they push trading to that level to trigger these stops. Their strategy is to hold a position in the prevailing direction and when the market spikes in that direction to let the stops run their course and then close out their positions when the speed of the movement slows down or stops thereby maximizing their profits.


thanks pilgrim.

I've been waiting all day to watch this! Thanks and upvoted Greg! Keep them coming!

Hi Greg, the Aussie asx 200 did a pretty good bounce off the 200 ma today,
but the day isnt over yet and it might not be a bounce :) .

Mr. Gregory Mannarino, what happening? Because of the downside of Bitcoin, what is the reason why cryptococcone is so low because I know? @marketreport


i think its all due to BTC value down crypto is crashed


Yes you are right I agree with you.

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i also thinks that this is not crash or meltdown ...thanks for the valuable information 'robinhood of wall street' upvoted and resteemed

greg sir your work is good sir to give us daily new newses

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thanx sir for share this new updates on market after weekend and always sharing is

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#lovely... rebound happened before i refreshed my screen! upvoted resteemed

i am happy to always see your all updates on market

good to see you and thanx sir for share this update


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i alwasy like your work for all your followers and all steemians who see your posts

Great post..Keep it up...
I appreciate your post..Actually your post ..I follow your post...
Thanks for sharing...
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Great post..Keep it up...
I appreciate your post..Actually your post ..I follow your post...
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good work my friend!! am going to see your vedio


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Yes, something happened, I did not expect the collapse and specifically the flash but I hope the market will rise soon
Thank you for your helpful publication and video
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Great post..Keep it up...
I appreciate your post..Actually your post ..I follow your post...
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Thank you for your information

Time to buy crypto ? UPVOTE @marketreport

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Thanks for sharing information keep it up I wish you all the best

Hey crypto master why sbd decreasing ?

Thanks for information Sir !!!

Thank you so much for video !!

Thanks for the video Mr. Robin Hood! upvoted and resteemed done.

Nice post Robin Hood !!!

Hi! Gregory Mannarino, I see your recent updates on steemit..... thanks for share with us. @upvoted this post.

Calm down sir, we will win this battle. Thank you.

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Pressured market and peeps getting rich running the stops... Only one thing to say...

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Been waiting all afternoon for this!

Turn around Tuesday. Got the buy order ready! Upvoted!

$XIV $SVXY done. Unreal. Crisis 2018 begins.

Today class I think Timmy has a question:

okay then, "what is a margin call?"

Well, that is a very complicated and complex question so perhaps we should ask an expert?

Now class, do you see that little man in the blue suit standing on the ledge on the 40th floor of that building there?

He looks like an expert, why don't e go and ask him?

Come now class, we should hurry

sir your have a great job for all of us i really appciriciate your give us good signals on market daiyl @marketreport

Excellent information Gregory. I went through the last meltdown back in 2008 without knowing all of the information that I know now. Having you around will help us to understand the markets, and become more aware of this pathetic system that we are living. Thank you sir for your honest input.

Actually this is very important post @resteemited

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HUGE CRASH, thanks for your insight, resteemed and upvoted.

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Thanks for the information
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I was talking to another trader this morning, saying I hope they don't drag this thing out. I am glad the sell off only lasted for a few days. Nobody can say for sure if it is over yet, but there was a lot of bond buying this afternoon and we are at a support. I don't think any of the smart money really wants to see the market go down. Everyone just wants a better price to buy in again.

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Hi Greg,

I am fluctuating between the idea that the administration is going to prop up the markets and the idea that this is exactly what they want and they are going to push it over the edge.

I say that for this reason.

Option 1: The bond market is in trouble. The US passes a huge tax cut leaving a hole in the budget of $1+ trillion. That is not the way to help the bond market. After the tax cut, large amounts of cash are being pulled back to the US and not subject to the taxes they would have paid. They may know that the Dollar is done and now they are just stripping out any value that might be left.
Just like 1929...they know what is about to happen and are amassing a huge pile of cash to buy it all up after everything is reduce to a moldering pile.

in this scenario the US defaults on it's debt(a huge bonus for all of us) and the big money(currently in cash) buys everything is a fire sale. Then the economy turns around unhindered by our current debt levels.
Note: Trump has done this in his own businesses several times to his long term benefit.

Option 2: On the other side, they could also be swinging for the fence in the hope that this might have a shot of averting a complete meltdown(the continuation of 2008). For the last 10 years they have been trying to stop the expected outcome of 2008 real estate bubble popping while prevent fair value being seen in Real Estate, Equities, Bonds and precious metals. They have been running the presses overtime to inflate our way out of a huge deflation event.

This scenario is just hoping more of the same will work.

I think we could agree, whatever is happening it looks like something big is afoot and that the BIG BOYS are playing rough.

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Thanks for this you doing very nice job for us by sharing information thank you very much.

Great video as always! Thank you Mr. Robin Hood. Upvoted and resteemed.

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Thanx for all your efforts.. Few good days of up againg cryptoes are down

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Thank you so much !

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Right on with your post thanks for going over the concepts. It helps to see what to do next.

See ya in the morning! Tomorrow should be an interesting day all around. I hope in your next video you can talk a little bit about the bitcoin futures market, and what appears to be some price manipulation going on there. Thanks!

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The bounce into the close was weak. Now new lows afterhours. I didn't expect the weakness after the big drop but it is what it is. Didn't look like anyone was buying.

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What a website ..!!! Like it so much @marketreport

upvote and reestemed ♥!!! thank you for this video mr @marketreport

the market domain is really interresting , I support u , terrific video

I witnessed that crazy Ivan too. Had one in play and had to bail asap. I figure that either you are right and the big boys want Trump to look good, or they are doing this to make him look bad. Watching the fantastic fake news interpretation as I type this. Gee makes me feel good inside. Tomorrow should be most interesting. Upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks Greg, what a day.

do you think this is it?
anyways... my hedges are paying off today



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Thanks. I hope Jim hears this. Like to see you guys do a run down on this Fake market where everyone can see.

Thanks for your insight, resteemed and upvoted.

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did you notice the 194,000 10 yr note contracts that got traded at 2:05 central time...at the exact moment the market rebounded....coincidence?

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These crashes and meltdown's of market are definitely causing me trouble for sure.
I hope everything comes back to normal.

Come on Gregory!! Drop that nasty Youtube junk and get using Dtube!!

the people who r good at math will get the bitcoins first :p

Fascinating analysis. I've been watching your videos for a couple of weeks now and it looks like you've got the insanity in the markets figured out. Very impressive! Thanks for sharing, and helping the little minnows surf the dangerous waves created by the manipulators!

Great video, I did a post on Saturday calling for a outright crash today and sure enough it happens
Thanks Greg wish I had been short but oh well there are more opportunities to come.
See my post at Silvermedic

With gold and silver not moving today I don't see this as a panic selling just yet. If the sell of continues and the metals break their range along with the 10 year note then we know it's on.

Did the banksters just shoot themselves in the foot?
Been reading zero hedge about the short VIX derivatives. It looks like running the stops today has spiked the vix blowing up a lot of short vix trades, There is some controversy at Credit Suisse over one of their derivatives. Reading James Rickards explained to me how massive leverage on these derivatives allows funds to build the "wedding cake". Has todays "modest" move multiplied via derivatives into a major event, a self iflicted "black swan"? Have these idiots just blown up the financial system again? I would appreciate your thoughts on this topic in tomorrows video.

I think you are right about 'running the stops'. just waiting to pounce!

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Its very good idea to adopt homeless pet! 👏

Simple question: Where was "Robin Hood" a week ago telling you to short? No, he said.."they won't allow the market to come down. He ignored gross overvaluation, extremely negative sentiment indicators, etc..yeah he was casutious...but "THEY WON"T LET IT COME DOWN"..amaziong..the sheeple.

Greg, How do Quants play out in this market?

How can you align with Cramer? He is the worst of the Wall Street, CNBC cheerleaders...

what a lovely bloody monday lol

I believe so too..
"They" produced a pullback to fool people that everything will start all over again,
Because the option would be that it ALL comes crash down.. And they will do everything to avoid that .. There's simple no other option for them.

grate post.

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A post with lots of important informations..
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well really good to see this new update on it your all update on market are really helpfull

Greg, you had earlier correctly expressed the opinion that a decline in bitcoin would be accompanied by a decline in the stock market. You might be interested to know that only a few days ago, several U.S. banks, including Citibank, JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Capital One, started blocking attempts to purchase bitcoin with credit cards that they'd issued. Similarly, several British banks recently started doing the same, only in the last few days. A Coindesk article suggests that the banks fear credit card users will run up debt by trying to use the cards to buy cryptos as their prices drop. What do you think of the idea that maybe the banks and the powers-that-be just want to keep money that's from flowing out of stocks from flowing into cryptocurrencies, as well as into gold and silver? As if instituting futures trading for bitcoin weren't enough, the banks are now severely restricting the use of fiat money to purchase cryptocurrency. Kind of feels like we're all being herded into some big corral. Sigh.

I agree that stop hunting algos played a part. but I haven't heard one person. NOT ONE mention this http://snpy.in/mDHYfj Taper tantrum, if the FED continues to reduce balance sheet then this won't end anytime soon. Technicals are out the window tho. I got a hint but ignored it on the 30-31st. Look at this... https://twitter.com/pockets2567/status/958238966267940864

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SVXY and XIV getting absolutely destroyed after hours.

Went long UVXY at $13.64 today. Sold for change. Now over $30 AH. What!!

your pogram is great ... hopefully for the others

How does positing "market rigging" or a "fake market" advance practical understanding of the markets? I feel like such a theory is vacuous... irrelevant to the average trader.

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