SPECIAL REPORT: The Moment Of Truth For The Bond Market Has Arrived. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Greg just wanted to let you know someone is reposting this 1-18-18 SPECIAL REPORT: The Moment Of Truth For The Bond Market Has Arrived. By Gregory Mannarino
cowboyinvestor (49) in gold • 5 minutes ago

sir your best job for all of us appciriciate your give us good signals on market daiyl @marketreport

He is robin hood

Thanks Greg, Fake Market, good time to be buying silver.

your anylesis on stock and market and predictions are always good and i always need its greg sir i also

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marketreport sir you give me always true infromtaion and opinions thanx sir for this

i always like your efforts for good anylisis on market sir @upvote and

thanx sir for this always help us with your videos @upvote and

really a good work for your predtions on market with your videos and posts greg sir

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thanks for sharing @marketreport

everything was down except crypto

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Thank You, Gregory, Upvoted and Resteemed. BYOCB. Thanks for the advice on joining Steemit and for keeping us informed.

They want a "recover"? You must be joking :)

Good Greg I see you took my advice.

Greg we did upvote and resteem

Thanks for special report
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Yeas we avail by his posts also upvoted and resteemed

I like your post sir @marketreport
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Thanks Greg, looking forward to tomorrow report.

Where does the madness end ?.
(hopefully with me relaxing on a beach somewhere :) )

Nasdaq 20 year chart

Can't wait to see what happens

i watch this video . good video. i really like it @marketreport

useful information
Thank you for your support

Hlw my dear sir @marketreport thanks for sharing this update with us.now #resteem & upvoted done.

Thank you so much my dear sir @marketreport for today update shareing with us.now #resteem & upvoted done.

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I've seen this in youtube
great video sir

I appreciate work dear sir
Thanks for the information

GREG I posted this the other day but don't know if you saw it. You have multiple individuals trying to game your thread by making multiple posts captializing on your upvotes. They say "thank you MR ROBINHOOD SIR" and "upvoted and resteemed done" etc. Take a look when you get the chance, thanks!



Is what they call them (You see them everywhere in GROUPS), Greg will not find your comment, lost among the huge quantity of Parasites.
Even then, He can not do much about it, except not upvoting them !!!
But I am sure Steemit would be interested in your feedback. Maybe they can find a weedkiller, a way to ban them.

So will I also send my thoughts about this to Steemit.

After I have explored it here. Maybe its a waste of time and we have to move on and explore Steemit alike sites. I am here for the content not for the votes.
But if the only content here is the one from Parasite Losers and Steemit isn't able to do anything about then, its a lost cause and waste of time.

There should be a complain button here (I haven't found yet) !!!!!!!!

Who else will also send a mail to STEEMIT ???? about those



I agree 100%. I wouldn't care what these people are doing but in this case (and many others) they are ruining content creators threads by making it difficult for people to interact with their target audience.Yesterday I looked at one of Greg's videos 6 minutes after he posted and there were already 25 reply posts saying "thank you MR ROBIN HOOD SIR", the problem is that the video was 9 minutes long and they couldn't possibly have watched it! I told a steemit witness about this yesterday and I'm told that they are going to deal with these people. Let's see what happens over the next few days.


Perfect thank you it is is pathetic. Most people that post are not even interested in being part of the discussion or anything, just looking for that big upvote from greg. To be honest I am losing confidence in Steemit all together. There are huge issues with the reward pool raping. There is a service called steemcleaners but it is as crooked as can be taking a huge % of the reward pool as well.


You're right. It is very difficult for new people coming on here to get exposure without playing some kind of a game or knowing someone with a large following. I see lots of people coming here to try and get rich and they are going to ruin it for everyone. I hope that the administrators become wise to this before its too late. That, and it is going to be interesting to see how cryptos do in a down market, we haven't had one in so long people tend to forget what something like that is.


It is really unfortunate. It seems that giving out rewards corrupts at least 50% of the people. Also the censorship that is starting to uccur more and more is going to distroy this platform. If not for Greg I would have closed my account already. Keep me posted on your discussion with the witness. I think most of the cryptocurrencies will die in the next few years. Only the ones that provide legit services like Steemit, blocktix and the likes have a chance to survive along with some of the big ones like etherium LTC and BTC. I am looking forward to see if Rob Kirby is right and we get commodity backed cryptos soon. That would be a mayor gamechanger


Just to let you know I did try and contact Greg though Trader's Choice and am waiting to hear back. Once he notices I think the comments will normalize. This site is becoming infested with these people.


Lets hope so. Greg is a very busy man so it might take a bit to get his attention.


The witness gave me a steem chat to go to and let them know. It is a bit awkward since I'm a 3rd party to this, I'm going to instead email him directly through trader's choice. On the cryptos I agree with you. over the past year you have over 2000 new coins come out, they all can't make it. That, and we have yet to see how they do in a down market. I doubt most of them will hold value when actual things of value are selling off. They'll have to be backed by the physical assets to keep the trade honest and to avoid a repeat of what I think they're going to see when the metals break out. It's been so long since we've had a market correction that people have forgotten it's possible.

Thank you for special report!

Yes sir!! Robin Hood strikes again.

fantastic analysis.. you were really down to earth ...i love it and hoping oneday will be your best follower. just up voted you.

this is getting scary and fun! upvoted/resteemed


I'm voting on this comment of yours to boost it and get it a full cent of reward, that first person who voted here did not even move the payment.

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Basis point (BPS) refers to a common unit of measure for interest rates and other percentages in finance. One basis point is equal to 1/100th of 1%, or 0.01%, or 0.0001, and is used to denote the percentage change in a financial instrument. The relationship between percentage changes and basis points can be summarized as follows: 1% change = 100 basis points, and 0.01% = 1 basis point.

Okie Dokie...... Dead cat cleanup on the Bond isle.... poor kitty
Thanx Gregory!!!


RHoWS = Robin Hood of Wall Street!!!!
Yup :-)

Markets are getting weaker following bonds. A BIG down day in stocks is around the corner. Upvoted and resteemed.

Wow!Big sell off after hours due to IBM earnings!
Upvoted and resteemed.

You raise a decent point. With the dollar failing, cryptos ought to do well in connection to the dollar. It influences me to imagine that even altcoins are being controlled in some way or another, lamentably. Upvoted and resteeemed

Resteemed and upvote Mr robin hood @marketreport

good video mr. @marketreport and thank you for sharing with us

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Thanks @marketreport. That are so exciting times 😏 So many people whose posting several Times... Flag them Gregory you got the Power!


Greg is lost among all those Parasites Losers....... Genuine content gets lost here.
I am new here, Steemit is breeding ground for Parasites.

Hi Greg, here in the UK the economic news just gets worse due to the failure of the Bank of England's QE programme and the government bail out of the big 4 banks.
The UK economy like the US is heavily dependent upon the service sector. In the UK falling living standards have caused retail sales in the xmas period to fall 1.5%! I wonder how many more retail outlets will go bust this year. Guess what, the London stock market went up on this news! Just goes to show how our current economic system is geared up to serve the 1%.
We should take encouragement from Japan where its GDP has been boosted by 0.3% due to bitcoin according to Nomura analysts.


Great report. I have been waiting to see what will happen for a while now. This is epic. We are living in uncharted territory. The USD index played with $90 recently. It will be under that number again and will not be back above it for a while. BTW, has anyone heard anything about the petro yuan debut today? Uv & Rs.

supervisor @marketreport exceptionally educational data.

upvoted and restreem..done

Greg, I'll have to disappoint you,
They already have their dirty hands in crypto. Several facts prove they are behind the recent events there.

It started right before they decided to trade BTC futures.....

They didn't do their homework in depth about crypto's, to do the manipulation without a trace !!!
If U see this comment, and U are interested, let me know, I'll specify !!!

thanks for your update, its very interesting!

Maybe the metals are down to cover their loses on bonds. Good work!

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I generally like your endeavors for good anylisis on showcase sir @upvote and @resteemd

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Still holding my metals. Upvoted and resteemed

Thanks for information

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Rip the face off the problems! Yeah, get stuck into it, Greg!

Nice post sir !!!

Yes Mr robin hood upvote and resteemed

Thank you Mr. Robin Hood!

Resteemed and upvoted your reports have been incredibly helpful I always look forward to dem

great post..thanks for share..

Uncertainty is the word for today ...

Interesting Information for new people to the market like me!

upvote and reestemed

Thanks for revealing bond market truth upvoted & resteemed

Amazing video again Mr. Robin Hood. resteemed and upvoted!

Upvoted & resteemed done Robinhood

nice video sharing...
great update news...
you are really great sir...
i salute you...
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Nice video sir. Upvoted & resteemed!

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We're alive and well. Our cats too. It's a good day.

Thanks a nice analysis

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Really ,the price of dollar in stock market fall today and it seems that most of cryptocurrency apprrciated in value today.thanks for this update .upvoted and resteem

Thanks information and sharing sir

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Resteemed Robin Hood !

Nice post Mr Robin Hood

Resteemed robin !

Resteemed sir !

Yes sir resteemed and upvote

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Greg thanks for your continued updates. I feel like my feeble understanding of the currency markets is improving day by day as I watch these videos lol.

Re-steemed and upvoted!

Greg just wanted to let you know someone is reposting this 1-18-18 SPECIAL Report. Upvote and resteemed done.

i really like your video of stocks and bond. Thankyou for providing valuable information to us. Upvoted & resteemed

I guess tomorrow is an up day for sure. lol #plungeprotectionteam

Oh no! I don't have enough AU AG and BTC!

Thanks Greg. I hope the government gets shut down tomorrow. In my opinion, they're getting in the way of progress and not allowing the free market to perform the way it should. Upvoted and Resteemed as always!

Resteemed. Thanks Greg. Really can't believe PMs are under pressure today, makes absolutely zero sense.

RHoWS = Robin Hood of Wall Street!!!!
Just sayin :-)

A useful video
Thank you for your support

Thank you for this great reading of the market. Glad you have our back.

Thank you for your video....been watching it daily and it is just so informational. :) Appreciates all your hard work~ Re-steemed and upvoted

Cryptos finally bounced back up!

Notification Squad!?!
Thanks Greg!
Upvote, Resteem, and all the jazz!

Ha!!! I heard about the "Dead Cat Bounce" idea in this great show I watch called Billions! Craziness in the markets today (and yesterday for that matter).

We'll see where things finish up at when we hear the closing bell tomorrow...

Upvote resteem.

when you say we're going to take advantage of it when it happens(it being the popping of the bubbles and the crash) what should people that dont have as much cash flow readily available as some one like yourself be prepared to do to capitalize??? Stash some cash to short a market?? or?? Thanks for the advice as normal.

Excellent analysis as usual. Although a part of me wants everything to normalize to fair market value, I also want precious metals to stay low a bit longer. If they don't I'll be fine, but a lot of loved ones won't be. I've upvoted and resteemed☺

This is the time we need you.

Best best is to be prepared. Bullets, bullion, and bitcoin.

I think we go lower on the BND before a big.
Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 7.21.33 PM.png

Bought some more metals this week. Finding good stuff cheap!! Will watch the bond market tomorrow. Upvoted and resteemed.....

nice repprt sir.upvote and @resteem

outstanding news for us...daily updated
good analysis...
keep on cryptocurrency..

Excellent trading video thanks for sharing @marketreport and your post resteemed

He is robin hood 🙆‍♀️🙋‍♀️👏

learning full review Sir..

Thanks for the update on the undue influence by the feds. I watched the move on the crypto's on your site, but for today, I could not see a correlation with the stock market. I greatly appreciate your advising when to stay out. It's difficult to sit on the sidelines, but it beats losing money. Upvoted and resteemed.

I would like to let everyone here know that Adam Kokesh announced the other day that he is running for president. He has a strong libertarian platform. Later that day in Texas they arrested him without any charges. So apparently this announcement is making them nervous. Please follow him here on steemit and give him your support @adamkokesh.

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Upvote my post @sijal

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King the to steem

The media coverage reminds me of the Lego Movie...

"Everything is Awesome.... Everything is Awesome"

Maybe Kevin Bacon in Animal House... "All is Well!"


Thank you! Very good and interesting post.

Nice post my friend

i thing i got this

Hallo @marketreport have a nice day.thanks for sharing this post. Upvote and resteem sir.thanks

its a good report.your video is so nice.keep it up.good job.give us true news.thanks

Greg, we love the info and thank you for it and we did up vote and resteem for all to see sir.

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