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Gregory Mannarino

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An amazing call Greg. It got so much worse today. I have been following you for a long time .... slowly becoming my own central bank. .... I think this could be the beginning of the big one ... but of course I have said that before and the powers that be pulled out more special magic tricks.

Todays Bond Sell Off was Biblical!

Monday will be Historic for Stock sell offs.

The FED has created the greatest DEBT bubble in the History of the World!

Did you Buy Crypto's on todays low's?

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I bought to :)

rigged system

dow 666.....

Thanks as always!

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Thank You, Gregory, Upvoted and Resteemed. Is it happening? BYOCB.


Keep Going :) upvoted & resteemed :)

ARE YOU SERIOUS? DOW down 666 points. WTF.


Just short of the 666 target. Methinks a message is being sent.
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That's a scary message!!!!




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Some art work for my heroGregory Mannarino the RobinHood of wall street27653533_1791395384204388_759084439_o.jpg

So should we just switch to cryptos or is there some fiat you do recommend?


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Some requests:

  1. Would you be able to talk about the derivative market, its size, and if it has any influence that we need to understand in one of your upcoming videos.
  2. Are the treasury yields now higher than the average NYSE dividend return? Does this mean money will flow to treasuries rather than stocks?

This is not Greg, sorry. I only know that derivatives make everything less stable and add much risk to equities that have derivatives involved. Derivatives increase risk because things can rapidly take an unexpected turn that will require immediate attention. They can act like Black Swans.


@bellakrinkle... No, derivatives don't add risk. They help you to gauge the risk. The options market tells you in what range an underlying might trade. Without an options market it is impossible to hedge your risk.


@stehaller thank you for your reply; there are many different perspectives to discuss derivatives - perhaps I misspoke because I was referring to the BIG PICTURE, meaning how derivatives make ALL Markets less stable because..... Certainly options hedge risk, but it seems you are addressing individual trades? (I knew I should have kept my mouth Frankly, derivatives are WAY over my head...I looked up derivatives, trying to support my thinking - HA - there are multiparagraphs of confusion! Glad you have a handle on them...


I started a series of lessons on options trading today. If you like to learn about derivatives you can start here:


@stehaller ...thank you, good fundamental information on options.

Good video. Upvoted and Re-steemed.

Have you ever read the Long Emergency by James Howard Kunstler. It goes a long way to explaining the last 10 years.

The question is always "We always thought this is the top after the rally from 2009" and I always picked the top in vain and Jan 2018 was a prime example forcing people to buy every 50cents dip in QQQ. How would you know we won't go back to the previous trend?

Stock decimated: Why is it possible to know why the loss of sterm is due to the deterioration of the upturn? @marketreport


"the grand finale"...oh boy, up vote resteemed


Is the fat lady warming up???? lol


Thank you for sharing this.


They couldn't get Trump with the Russia Crap so now they are going to crash the market and blame it on him.

@marketreport This get much worse following you (y)

Thanks for the warning robinhood...we are following you
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Greg thank you for your hard work. I want to know for the average guy on the street if inflation or deflation would be worse? It seems to me the average guy would benfit more from inflation as their debt is typically high. Additionally corp and municipal/state/federal debt benefits from inflation wouldnt this be a given outcome?

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marketreport sir you are the best stock master i always appriciate your efforts on market

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sir your best job for all of us appciriciate your give us good signals on market daiyl @marketreport

Nice work on the 11% trade Greg, dont worry about hanging around for the extra profit/risk. Like they say "bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered . " :)
Upvote and resteem mate.

Might make for some interesting trading monday, hold on to your hats folks.

Great update news of crypto of luck.
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your anylesis on stock and market and predictions are always good and i always need its greg sir i also

Just short of the 666 target. Methinks a message is being sent.
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First one ...



Hey hey... you're Number ONE :-)

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Great post..👌👌👌👌


i always like your efforts for good anylisis on market sir @upvote and

marketreport sir you give me always true infromtaion and opinions thanx sir for this

This market is crashing thanks to bond sell off.

really a good work for your predtions on market with your videos and posts greg sir

Thank you for your information
Mr @marketreport

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Gregory do think we will finally see the highly anticipated market crush that had been expected fora very long time in 2018?

Resteemed and upvote Mr Robin Hood

Thanks for information Robin Hood !!

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Thank you for sharing this I just wait for your next informative post you are doing good thanks sir @marketreport

A great new and information about crypto thank you for sharing it I wish you all the best

great video sir
thank you four sharing it with us
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spread the word greg! on top of it as ever!

Great video! Sunday night and Monday morning will be very interesting.

Market down hard today. Bonds still going down.
Buying op for shiny metal and crypto
Thanx for update!!!
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crash in the stock too?
Thanks for the update
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The more that this goes on the more you see that the market is made of Teflon...

Greg, According to the news media, Janet Yellen was " fabulously successful". She is responsible for all of the success of the markets due to her monetary policy decisions. Today is was said, the the reason the market is selling off is because of her departure. Is the world really that confused.


Just more Media news to convince the uninformed that there is a good reason to stay tuned. The rest of us can see through their constant propaganda. Janet Yellen has been pictured repeatedly as someone ready for the Dust Bin...and now they glorify her? Think people!

CNBC is not in the business of "Truth"..their business is pumping up the's always a great day to put money into the market...just like a used car salesman.

You tell 'em Greg! Upvoted and Resteemed!

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Upvoted and resteemed Greg. Become your own central bank

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Great Post Greg, I appreciate your passion for truth. Truth is the rarest commodity in this World. I've been resteeming your video posts because your truthful and share your wisdom to the world. It is the same reason I post economic truths for those who will listen.
The Central Banks are not stupid but they are Evil. I've posted these questions before on my blog and on to warn investors.


Why did Morgan Stanley receive 7 Trillion in US Treasury Interest bearing Credit Swaps between 2009 to 2010 ?
Why did the FED Bailout the Wall street Banks in 2008?
Why did the FED purchase 4.5 Trillion in assets/ toxic mortgages for the first time in its history ?
In 2014 why didn't the FED raise interests rates when they reached their unemployment target of under 6% ?
In 2016 why did the ECB start purchasing corporate bonds ?
Why is Deutsche Bank real value -480 Billion, yet it still exists ?
Why is the 275 Trillion Global Debt the highest in History ?
Why are Interest Rates the lowest in 5000 years ?
Why does the Banking System use Derivatives to suppress Gold & Silver prices ?
Why has the Derivatives Market exploded to $2.4 Quadrillion ?
Answer: The Global Financial System is Insolvent.

The Private Central Banks are propping up the Markets so Retail Investors, Pension Funds, Foundations, and Hedge funds get suck into the record breaking Stock Market. In 2018 the Central Banks will collapse the system per their game plan on more centralized power using the IMF. The largest wealth transfer in history will destroy millions of Investors Wealth.

God Bless you & your family,

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The money is moving east, the west is prime for universal income.

Very informative post ..sir,you give me always true infromtaion and opinions .you are the best stock master.. i always appriciate your efforts on market..i following you upvoted and resteemed.Thank you for sharing this I just wait for your next informative post @marketrepor

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Actually your every post helpful for us.
I like this your every content cause your video by this best compete..

Keep it up sir..

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thanks for the information

What is worse than this? We are doomed.

thank you Mr. Robin Hood.

That's a superb post.@Upvoted and @resteemed

Thanks for the update and instruction. I chased the spyder today and made a few coins. I was too cautious to stay in long. Upvoted and resteemed.

Coins mentioned in post:

CoinPrice (USD)📉 24h📉 7d

Nice post. Upvote sir !!!

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Black Monday is next? After a good weekend of course.

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Thank You Greg, Have a good weekend.

Yo called it Gregory. This is getting scary!

Its the wild wild west ....

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Thank you man !

THanks for the great info. We will be peeled to your site until Monday.

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Sounds just like BTC.... Spot on.


The increase in that graph since 2008 looks TOTALLY natural. Price discovery is so old fashioned. (end sarcasm).

We only need to drop another 16000 points, plus or minus a few thousand, on the Dow to get back to more reasonable valuations.

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Kudos for admitting you were wrong Greg. signs were flashing get out about 10 days ago. Not just a ridiculously over valued market, but very negative sentiment..I said a week ago you are seiing a top of significance. Now Greg says you might not see the highs again in our a reversal...Silver, now a super bargain...being manipulated to help out shorts. but not for long....a massive surge in the precious metal is not far off in 2018.

Can't wait till monday, Things are just starting to get interesting!

Awesome post

I don't know if you have a chance to read this, but here is my question to you. According to your Evo system, SPY may be ready to be bought soon. To get a buy signal sooner, is it advisable to move down to a shorter time frame such as 60-minute chart?

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"Just call up CNBC and laugh down the phone" lol, this made me laugh, Greg you are a top man, done more than anyone to open my eyes to this sham of a system

Greg or anyone...
Is there a way to get an alert by email or phone if CME futures on bitcoin go to a certain dollar amount even if you don't have any futures contracts?

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What a day!

2008 again Upvoted and resteemed

Thank you Greg for another epic video.

The banking cabal are just about ready to let the whole thing crash.

I invite you all to explore my exposé entitled The International Banking Cabal Exposed (4 Part Series) which exposes these criminal elites.


The sh*t's about to get heavy!

Thanq for the update news....
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Let's hope it gets worse.
I love the smell of high implied volatility in the morning.

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it's a great post! thank you @marketreport sharing your important post
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Thanks information and sharing @marketreport

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The market is very demandable so i can follow your market

Thank you for updated video

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I am glad I found you article

Abosolutely helpful post for us..
This is a crypto update news..
I appreciate your post sir..
Your every post i follow.

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Nice vedio...your report is so great....thanks for your new post ,,, @marketreport
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The FISA Abuse memo is released, cryptos are WAY down, and the market is down 666 points. Hmm... All in the wake of the Full Blue Blood Moon. I wonder what next week holds in store for us?
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good information..tnx..for sharing...

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