Stocks: It's Now A Waiting Game. PLUS! Bitcoin Updates. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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I'm learning alot from these videos. Thanks.


tnx for resteem

@marketreport...upvoted and resteemed. A couple of month ago I thought, Bitcoin could be eventually a replacement for gold. For money it's to slow. But now I'm convinced, Bitcoin is over. Sure it can go up if the futures want it to go up. It's time to focuse to other Cryptos. My 2 favourites are steem and ether.


That's where I am leaning, it being expensive slow and manipulated by the usual suspects.


yeah you are right dear.

great info bro like your post n upvoted lol.


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The exchanges that have launched bitcoin futures pushed back had a meeting on suggestions that the self-certification process needs changes.

thanks for the video it means a great deal

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Thanks, Gregory. Good day to go to Local Coin Shop. BYOCB. See you later today.

Thank you Greg!

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Greg, I agree with your evaluation of Bitcoin. The fanatics need to realize that anytime you have a futures market trading along side a commodity such as Bitcoin, the real money is not make in the commodity but the futures contract. Also consider how easy it is to open, close and settle a position in a futures contract as opposed to Bitcoin. For me, Steemit is the better play on a buy and hold and from time to time take a long or short position in Bitcoin futures and always be FLAT at the end of the day.

As far as the Bitcoin fanatics are concerned, just remember "you are talking to the hand".


Greg we did upvote and resteem for all to see. and thank you for all that you do


He was spot on on the cme and btc futures.

Thanks Greg, I get watching the CME bond price. Can you cover where you prefer to sell bitcoin to close out a position. Upped & resteemed.

@marketreport...upvoted and resteemed. A couple of month ago I thought, Bitcoin could be eventually a replacement for gold. For money it's to slow.thanks for the post.

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Resteemed and upvoted and now I'll watch it. Looks like the bond market is basically flat but the day is young.

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upvoted and resteemed. A couple of month ago I thought, Bitcoin could be eventually a replacement for gold. For money it's to slow. But now I'm convinced, Bitcoin is over. Sure it can go up if the futures want it to go up. It's time to focuse to other Cryptos. My 2 favourites are steem and ether.

Go to his website and keep an eye on the bond market. He makes it super easy.

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I’m focusing on steem dollar, ripple and electronuem. They seem promising

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Resteemed and upvoted and now I'll watch it. Looks like the bond market is basically flat but the day is young.

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Bitcoin have been decreasing very rapidly from the chart I see on TradingView. People rushing for the exits. It's shocking! Spot on from Mr Greg! Resteemed and Upvoted!

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Resteemed and upvoted and now I'll watch it. Looks like the bond market is basically flat but the day is young.


Greg, thanks for your video today. As I write the bond market is a little down and looks like it wants to go down more. As far as bitcoin goes, I have been rotating out of Bitcoin and into first Litecoin and second Bitcoin Cash. With roumors about Litecoin teaming up with Facebook things could get even more interesting.

When bonds blow up are you saying credit markets freeze for the little guy and he can't get a credit card or home loan. The big guys seem to always have credit but for individuals how much credit will be available when the bonds blow.

Can't watch atm but I agree it's waiting game right now. Bitcoin jumping between 16.5k - 17.5k. Who knows what gonna happen next. Resteemed and upvoted.

Greg, watch the Hang Seng Index on the overnight. I have a major timing line due tonight

Kinda curious because there is only today and friday for the stockmarkets to gain in value for that christmas bonus or they have cashed out. The directionless is a bit higher mystery to me.

My man always with the great info. Ripping off faces! Love the content and keep it coming Sir.

Bitcoin is definitely retracing its steps today. I wonder if it will dip into 14,000 territory. Thanks for the video.

Hurry up and wait. Patience is a virtue and can make you money Yes?

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people will want to fight to get in as soon as possible to start compounding interest and see their money grow. If there is a good time to get in I agree it should be now.

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It's rapidly heading to 25% pull back from 20K as I type

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Episode 1

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Nelly's Dad, Eng. Odeh was popularly known as the most impulsive man ever liveth. He bagged the title with no good second after he woke up one morning and decided that his residential building had no business being a three- Storey. Without seeking anybody's opinion, he had immediately placed a call to his personal contractor. The building became a single storey the next week. Nelly therefore, woudn't be surprised if Dad decided to pull down three-quarter of the building and build two swimming pools and a stripper club in its place.

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Wonderful publication Greetings I wish you a happy year

Very important update of bitcoin. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thanks for the updates Greg! I still hear mixed signals about unloading Bitcoin completely or just sit on it and go long. I think with the futures action you pointed out that getting into other coins might be the way to go.

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thx Greg. and here's something interesting about pm's. greetings

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As always your guidance has help me prevent losses. Thanks, Greg!

Bitcoin prices are now declining

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