Stocks: We May Be Close To A Short Term Market Top. Here's Why. By Gregory Mannarino

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Despite what you may have heard, the main driver behind the price action of the stock market is not technical factors nor are the fundamental factors, it is emotion.

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, there is an eerie sense of euphoria in the equity markets today.

Have a look at the chart below. This is the "fear and greed index" and we are now entering the phase of extreme greed.
To some what I am about to say may seem counter-intuitive however, history has proven that when we enter this extreme greed phase-it is generally a bearish sign, or a sign to take profits.


Keep in mind, the extreme greed phase which we appear to be in today can continue, and in this environment more than likely will, however this should serve as a signal that we may be nearing a short term market top.

Gregory Mannarino. "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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No question we're in for a pullback sooner than later!

Thanks for the heads up @marketreport.

Will be watching the markets closely.

*-The Beached Whale-
Editor in Chief - The Anderson Report


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I agree. Going to be a roller coaster.


Yesterday, we were also on the verge of a much bigger correction only to be bought up after the market opened. So, why do you think we're finally in for a pullback? Why can't they just buy it back up again?


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good work sir and i appriciate your efforts and your rip and your site is also attractive for traders

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"pigs get slaughtered" tread carefully in this level of greed environment. upvoted resteemed and commented!

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Good.... let the greed flow through you my young padawan. You shall make a powerfully greedy Sith Lord......

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Financial literacy is so important yet so few have it.

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I'm really looking forward to 2018..I can feel the excitement! Thanks for leading the way @marketreport!

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Nice post

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Buy cryptos

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valuable information
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What does this mean for small investors? Get out now or ride it? Do you have any open positions.

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You are a great financial expert.

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Great post
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This is a greatpost,,,,,,sir

I find it very hard to go long this market without a pullback. Eerie is the word!

@marketreport Great post on the stock market!

Great information Greg @marketreport!
But we have been in this extreme greed environment for months now.
I wish we would finally roll over.
But I bet you will tell us all when it's time to short the crap out of this market.
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According to Linette Zang and I agree with her, a 4% correction is all it will take to bring the house down, so be prepared with a plan without the dollar.

I know you don't just say that lightly, especially considering the euphoric rally this market has been on. There seems to be many people out there saying similar things. Resteemed and upvoted.


Are you insinuating that you might short the market here soon @marketreport?

Nothing seems to stop this market! higher and higher it goes! I was waiting for a 2% pullback to get in but it seems I'll have to wait a bit more.

You said not to short this market yesterday and those who did sure feel the pain today. Great call again Greg. Cheers!

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Good post
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i think the last Extreme greed reading got up to 89 then the pull came. it was in December and it was only 3 days 35 SPX no big deal

wow, amazing. it is really fantastic. keep posting such interesting and eyes catching stuff. Thank you.

Lets capitalize on the melt up and beat the bankers in their own game

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only marketreport..
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Pigs go to slaughter. I remember your words of advise. The ice is thin and the army is marching along, however, there are cracks to be found as they gather in one group. We know that is from a movie, but it is true

Following you. Thanks

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Thanks Greg. I've seen evidence of greed in the crypto market also and I've only been involved for a few weeks...Upvoted and Resteemed.

Thank you for telling me, hopefully you are always successful in this field of tranding ..

thanks greg

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Thanks again for keeping us updated. It is difficult for us amateurs to be aware of all the variables affecting the market. Upvoted and resteemed.

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I agree. It's too early to call. The dollar is still relatively elevated and the metals haven't broken out of their ranges yet. Once that happens I think we'll know something is going on.

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Thanks once again Greg. I certainly agree. I faded all of the long QQQ calls that I bought on the dip yesterday. You're the best!

Greed is almost never good ...

Now that i get myself back ,just by hearing from your own opinion on what is going on ,on stock market because you are an exceptional market analyst whom i have been following and all my days with your information put smile on my face .thanks for wonderful information,i will stay tune to tap from your wisdom as usual

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totally agree, time to move stops up :)

This whole thing reminds me of 2007. Extreme fear and market capitulation to follow. I've started shorting the DOW...Risky, I know, but I have offset it by riding the DOW up. I'm willing to "pay premium on insurance."

Greed, green,good... to ...Fear, fail, faint.


Thanks for that analysis, I'm hodling everything I got but it's depressing to see your worth in the exchange and here on steemit getting lower and lower - I really hope the fear phase will come soon so people will fear they miss the opportunity and buy and make the price go back to where it was and even higher!

thanks for that - it makes me feel better about that fall knowing we might be near the end of it - it's not a sure thing I know but there is hope!


Well, this extreme greed sounds interesting!

I am waiting till it hits 90 ! LOL

Well this isn't good and I hope it doesn't continue. How long does the greed stage usually last?

Thanks for video, upvoted.

Thanks for the info

welcome to Weimar Germany..where a wheelbarrow of cash might buy a dollar bill..we are in big trouble. And while the Market IS at a near term top...a major major top not far off.

Greg man.... I love it when you go off the deep end!!...,! Thats when the truth really comes out. The way you share your trades with everyday people is unheard of man. Good Looking out man.....

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How is this meter not pegged at 100? LOL