This Circus Show Market Will Shrug Off Cohn Resignation. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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The Big Story is predictable.
Watch the Market go down by end of the day.

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Is a bloody day for the crypto currency’s, cheers

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Just what I was thinking as I received notification for this as I'm pricing DIA calls.

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Greatly appreciate your updates. Even if the strategy is to watch and wait, then it is instructive on what to do with the current circumstances. Sometimes looking and waiting for opportunities is the hardest thing to do.

I think it is just as well that the open borders, FAKE man made climate change Globalist Goldman Sachs scum is out. I don't know why P Trump takes in these swamp creatures in the first place.
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I am right with you on this news. Much to do about nothing. I was licking my chops when I saw the futures drop. I jumped in and out of a couple quick trades going long the S&P and made a tidy little profit. Now wait and see for the next trade.

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Go Trump Go, drain the swamp.

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Ok, the private sector has some really well paying jobs for blokes like that and that's ok. Greg... don't be surprised. The game will start on Thursday.

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