Today, This Is The Message Stocks Are Sending Directly To The Fed. By Gregory Mannarino

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Today, despite the fact that there is a big attempt to prop up the bond market (Click here to see a LIVE chart: ) stocks are under some pressure. To me it appears that the stock market is sending a direct message to the Fed. to "keep the easy monetary policy going or else."

The stock market is 100% dependent on the Fed's interest rate suppression scheme to keep running higher therefore, The Fed. has created an "addict" of the market of truly epic proportions.

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fuck the fed


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That's not good


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The reality is quite the opposite Fed F's us.


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New fed chair seemed to confirm at least three rate hikes in the cards for 2018, with possibility of a fourth. And the market didn't tank by even 1% last week on that report.

I agree the market is out of room to run higher on hopes of low interest rates. That play from the last 8 years is over.

But normalizing interest rates is part of the process of normalizing the financial markets. and going back to normal means we should expect to 5% and 10% corrections with much higher frequency than we have over the last 8 years.

The Fed is not supposed to be a babysitter for the stock market. Which they have been over the last 8 years. And THAT WAS NOT NORMAL.

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Powell will change his mind.

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Another round of QE, here we come.

Market is addicted and needs a fix. Give it some more suppressed interest rate....

And also MORE COW BELL.... ;-)

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Right now, or actually for some time now, they have the power to, at their whim, a) pretty much destroy the Global Economy, B) (then) save the Global Economy C) largely control the outcome in the 2018 elections D) absolutely control the outcome of the 2020 elections, and; E) while they might not be actually able to take us to war they could certainly assist in that process; So'
With all this power they won't even let us "look" at their books?
Call me crazy, a conspiracy theorist or just chicken little but me, I'm thinkin' that something ain't quite right here

And my gut is telling me that this will not end well. . . . for anyone!

I think Greg may have the best plan, "Make hay while the sunshines and get ready, for a hard rain is coming"


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Hi Greg,

Good to hear that I was not the only one with this idea.

I have been wondering how it will play out. Seems like they are going to have to tighten the monetary policy soon, but I don't think they have figured out how to overt the disaster that occure when they do.

I know the midterm elections are hanging in the balance here. Trump and everyone else knows it too. It is a big powerful tool that many factions would like to use.

I am not completely sure who will win the fight to control that tool.

Corporations are upset about tariffs. The Fed wants to remain in control of the money(shift the blame for a big mess). Is trump Fed/corporate friendly? Does he have enough allies with in the media/government/deep state/Fed/corporations to prevent them from causing him problems in the midterms?

I guess we will find out.