US Dollar Dives As Debt Market Meltdown Worsens: Most Cryptos Rise. By Gregory Mannarino

4년 전

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Today the value of the US dollar plunged against other currencies as China, it is rumored, is about to back off from purchasing US debt.

What must be understood, is the US dollar is simply a unit of the debt. Therefore you can expect the dollars value to fall as the demand for US debt also falls.

At the time I am writing this article, most cryptocurrency‘s are higher on this news, and so are precious metals and crude oil.

If it is confirmed that China will indeed not be purchasing US debt, you can be sure that other countries will follow, and this is very US dollar negative.

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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Things are not looking good. Is it because Trump is threatening to do something in North Korea and China is threatening a retaliation by doing this?

The day you go on the confederacy of dunces is the first day I watch the confederacy of dunces 🤣

This news is big, dollar death spiraling along the outer edge of the bowl slowly picking up momentum

Extremely negative indeed! I wonder what the powers that be will do in retaliation to such a slap in their face? This could get interesting very quickly.

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Greg, or anyone really, since we are seeing the bond market sell off daily, would shorting the options on this be worth while, or would you never be able to sell them?

Perhaps this is a phase shift in the markets or just another blip in this raging bull market that will ultimately shit like an Elephant.

I believe I heard Jim Rodgers say this, If you you were smart in 1807 you moved to London, New York in 1907, and Singapore in 2007. The tide is just about done turning. Good post Greg. I am going to add to Jim's saying in 2107 Mars!

its good to update daily usd and bond and other stock market thanx sir to share it daily @resteemd

Excellent analysis Greg!
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Hell yeah ! So everybody should move to the safe Cryptos, right :) Thanks + UPVOTE

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Thanx for the timely updates. Just saw a little bit of bond buying....
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Dumb all my cash in PM?

We should not forget that while American imperialism is an empire in decline it has the most powerful military in the world for a reason: to enforce compliance with the US dollar as world reserve currency. China will proceed very cautiously, it is not looking for any kind of serious confrontation with the American empire. China will seek to build the Eurasian trade zone through the Asia Infrastructure Bank and build up trade relationships that are not denominated in US dollars. China's history since 1949 shows that it proceeds carefully and cautiously with great forward thinking.


World central banks, all of them, are responsible for the global decline of the middle class that we are witnessing.


Really agree with you because these banks in my opinion literally runs debt trap and due to bank system the middle class people are becoming the slaves of debt trap and the rate of affordability of houses are also declining in case of middle class people. And i am one of them who still dreams for an own house.

Stay Blessed.


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the other fiats will fall before the dollar does.. in the long term.. maybe china will win.

I just made a post showing BTC touching the tip of it's triangle after breaking out, along with an example picture of what happens in a symmetric triangle.


and BTC's current standing;

I believe we are at a bottom.

Please check out the post;

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I bet NUGT is having a good day. I cant wait to watch your video this evening.

And then tax crypto even higher to recoup the losses ;)

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It's about time. Anarchy!!!!!

Outstanding perfomance for bitcoin...
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LOts of crazy things going on market wise! Korea taken out of steem, etc. Brannon gone ...

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Hey Gregory how do I get ahold of you email or more private? I have a website link to a new design for your site to give you but you need to see it and tell me what to use. As I said, no cost, it is yours to use or not, just I do this and you need it your site is a mess to view and chat dont work and etc. Let me know how to contact you with the link to see what I have done if you are interested. NO COST NO PROMOTION NO FEE A kindness to thank you for your help to us.

People are fleeing the dollar. The writing is on the wall. Upvoted and resteemed.

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You wrote this 45 minutes ago and they've already managed to smash Silver back under 17. Just let me know when I can vomit on my keyboard.

I thought China had already slowed down their purchases of US Debt. Moreover, they have been unwinding much of their US debt. Isn't this how many East Coast commercial properties have been purchased, or are these purchases private to companies like JPM?

Thanks for sharing us

When Bill Gross talks, people listen.

Maybe now we can finally see precious metals move to market value!

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In fact, the US dollar will increase prices like any dollar in China. And if the price increases, I will not be able to think what will be the law. However, we are excited that bitcoin's market price is really rising. Thank you very much. beacuse you can give find some news quickly.upvote and resteem sir.thanks

I look at the bond market right now I can't stop laughing

Its a down day for Crypto not rising today

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These days it's best to invest in metals as a long term hedge against the dollar, but some folks will argue that. Thanks Greg! Upvoted!

Bill Gross said this morning that there are some evidence that China is indeed selling and halting the buy of US treasury's. He expect the 10-yr to be at 2.80% by the end of the year.

Updated picture.
BND looks dangerous.

I agree Greg, "If it is confirmed that China will indeed not be purchasing US debt, you can be sure that other countries will follow, and this is very US dollar negative."

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 1.10.46 PM.png


Nice chart, thank you for this.

Greatly appreciate having your update and opinion, one we can trust as opposed to the fake news media. Upvoted and resteemed.


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I watch the bond chart on your web site at every day. Right now, 1:40 PM, the Fed is buying bonds up again. It looks like they have chosen to destroy the dollar. And then what?

You are a boss of market. I always wait for your post.

As usual they are propping the market up again. Epic bond buying in the last 2.5 hours. Resteemed.

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Excellent report, thank you.

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Dollar is ready to next fall.
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But USD did not plunge against the swedish SEK...only a very small plunge..

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I know Greg is going to be too busy to reply to many of us but if someone can confirm my thinking I would appreciate it.

Right now... There are 3 positions:

  1. China is bluffing is and basically saying, "Don't tell us what to do about North Korea. We can crush you any time we want, but you buy all of our shit." We're just kidding. We love buying worthless bonds.

  2. The FED let's the bond fall pushing the yields higher and interest rates spike, thus destroying the stock market and the companies that need to refinance their debt anytime soon.

  3. The kiss of death for the dollar. The FED creates a trillion new dollars every quarter to make up for China and the BOJ selling bonds. Hyper inflation sets in and I'm now paying $75 for a gallon of gas.

Stacking sounds pretty good right now.

Personally, I find particularly the metals are not really responsive. But presume China is not changing behaviour yet, merely investigating. Looking forward to your post-market wrap-up!

You are a great analysis. it is affecting Philippines also.

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A us dollar will be a dogecoin

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