US Dollar Falls Again. Has The Dollar Bubble Burst? By Gregory Mannarino

4년 전

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Have a look at the charts below.

This one is the US Dollar index from today, Monday 1/15/18. (Down again).

This next chart is also the US Dollar index. (One year).

The current trajectory of the dollar value, and hence your purchasing power, is in terminal decline.

What the main stream media should be concerned with is not if cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are in a bubble, but if the Dollar bubble has finally burst. The fact is the dollar is a unit of debt, which may indeed be in an irrecoverable fall. It appears that the dollar has started a "random walk" with a downward drift moreover, why would a reversal of this trend occur?

FACT: Global debt and deficits will continue to inflate exponentially, which means that debt notes (The Dollar) will continue to deflate. It is a simple cause, effect scenario.

The general public believes that the dollar value is constant, therefore they will continue to hold those dollars despite every evidence that the dollar is in serious trouble.

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."

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Instead of holding Dollars I bought Steem today. I think it's a good buy after the pullback from 8.40 to 4. Now it's at 5.75. upvoted and resteemed


What is the time to get steem in steep demise?


@sniper08...yesterday would have been the best time. But now it is more secure. The storm is over. Now is a very secure time to buy steem or ether. In the worst case it will go sideways the next couple of weeks but not really lower (maybe sometimes to 4$ for a short time). If you didn't buy so far buy now.


Thats good idea
steem will be above 15 $ before march 2018.


@markzuckerbergs...This is absolutely realistic. I think somewhere between 12-16 $.


i'm expecting more from steem
but there is no loss at all in investing steem

· least for the next 3 month.


@mafsteem @markzuckerbergs Seriously, there have been a lot of numbers being thrown around as a target by certain certain date. It isn’t just steem but also other coins like smart cash which rose a lot recently. If people would have studied the chart carefully, they would have been more cautious regarding the path of crypto going forward. In the stock market, a stock needs to prove itself if it fails to break its ath. The bitcoin reached its high dec 17th and since then it’s been making lower and lower low, so I am not sure what makes people that certain that one coin can reach such and such price by a certain date.

That said, I have a preference towards steem since it has a real system that gives cash flow through steem power and sbd unlike other cryptos.


Hi! @mafsteem, where are you gone some this day...

I always thought that the euro would go down the drain faster, but it seems I was wrong.
Thanks for all your work Gregory.
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@stehaller...I thought this too. But the Dollar is the main currency so it is logically it's the first who runs to the intrinsic value.


@mafsteem ...I want my Deutschmark back!


@stehaller...Deutschmark is lost foreever. Maybe there will be a Deutschtaler.


@mafsteem...let's hope it will be gold backed.

· least a part of it.


@mafsteem...Thank God they brought the gold home.


Agree with you


sunguh interesting your articles i like if there is time come my blog thanks friends


You will be proven correct. People here are faked out thinking that the usd is ending now.


@stehaller Look at the rally in USD when it was so lope-sided on one side today after this report got published. The hedgefunds now showing the biggest long in EUR. Just look at the election in March in Italy and the growing discontent in the EU towards the refugees policies. Just search online for how many got 1000EUR just for becoming a refugee in italy while locals and elders are forced to pick up left-overs from recycling bin. Those people even had the guts to protest against their treatments in Rome recently nearly the Termini station.

@marketreport are right on a lot of things but I believe the call for the USD going straight down to hell is a little premature. There are so many bad apples out there before the USD.

Also, check out Martin Armstrong. His computer model is saying 2018 will prove to be a fake-out year meaning there will be lots of fake-out move either on the downside and on the upside.

Very important info.. thanks for the update sir.. 👍


Yes very important...👌

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This is a dollar centric view. There are a lot of other currencies like the Euro that will need to fall first before the usd will finally crash. Don’t fall for these fakeout. The usd will be a lot higher compared to eur and other currencies by the end of the year.

Check out Martin Armstrong latest blog.

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your market reports and news are wonderfull work for me and help me always @resteemd

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It is about making you think from a different perspective..

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Buy gold and silver! It is still on sale.

It's also fun to play with. Even my 6 year old can tell it is different from worthless coins.


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Personally, I would want dollar to keep falling. To me, it means that I'll make more dollars from my little SBD. As long as Steem is afloat, I don't mind how deep below the dollar goes.

marketreport sir you give me always true infromtaion and opinions thanx sir for this

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Thanks for Charts Of Bonds & other valuable information sir

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As usual good post cheers greg

There is always cause and effect. We just have to figure out our best way to work through the problem. Thanks for this important information!

The dollar is definitely going lower. Thanks a lot for this report.

Thanks a lot for this update. I have resteemed it.

Hi Greg I was wondering could all cash out of the system not be made worthless and your funds in digital form only be valid?

Thanks for keeping us up to date on Bonds & the Dollar! Upvoted and Resteemed.

Greg, your 100 percent right again and we did upvote and resteem for all to see it

One of the first things I do everyday is check to see what Gregory Mannarino was yelling at his computer while I was sleeping 😂 Your analysis is very high level & genuine. The only thing I would love to see is you never trading products you don’t believe in, as a form of giving back. Maybe we can implement this after we become our own central banks! Keep it up, things are gonna get crazy soon stay balanced & thinking & keep sharing that knowledge. Thank you very much

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This is the start of a new gold/silver bull run!

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Somehow they will prop it up

yes us dollars are falling down what is caused to it ..? is it because of cryptocurrency ?


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I think is the crude trade settlement in RMB much more than crypto that reduce the demand for dollar.
Countries can buy RMB instead of dollar for oil. Oil producer can then get physical gold in Shanghai with RMB.

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I believe that the dollar will rise again with these Syrian events?
good post :)

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Really good Post @marketreport Thanks for this one! I totally agree with you, so I hope we see soon the end of the "endless money FIAT" 😁
BTW: I ❤️ Crypto

Wow this is very good post

The DXY not catching a bid around 91 has to get some people concerned about the dollar. It looks like it could wipe out everything from its 2014 bull run.

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Awesome work Greg. Keep it up brother.

Thanks Greg. Gold and silver are both up this morning. Metals have increased in value steadily for the past 30 days. I hope it continues but I feel for the folks that are storing dollars...Upvoted and Resteemed...

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Wait until the dollars come flooding back under the guise of "repatriation"! Thanks Greg!

Greg, what is your opinion on the QQQ's and which index do you see most vulnerable right if a selloff was going to happen?

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I think there are two main factors putting a lot of pressure on the USD:

  1. China and Japan have stopped/halted buying treasuries. So the US will have to monetize the current debt.
  2. The new Trump tax plan has a huge drawback... It cuts tax revenues BUT doesn't cut government spending to make for the loss in revenues. Therefore, a bigger deficit will happen and it will have to be monetized.

The dollar will not get stronger anytime soon.

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The Robin Hood
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Not to mention the sanctions on Russia that the US have imposed. As a response to this, Russia are having stronger and stronger ties to China.
And because China and Russia will be using Yuan instead of USD in trade, the USD will die even faster because of this.
The USA are shooting themselves in the foot.
Resteemed as always Gregory.

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I agree. Once we break that 90 support on the dxy it's not looking too good for the dollar!

The dollar could be oversold though. ;)

Thank you Greg!

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Nice post with analysis.

Dollar is falling because when USD Index had 104 point, then the real value was 90 point (proper for US economy). Now USD Index is going down till oversold level (for example 80 point).

important information
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So this is how the dollar dies, with eyes on the stock market and thunderous applause. Upvoted and resteemed.

How does Fed think about solving any economics problems:

And what do investors think about it:

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USA dollar is falling because of trump plan to stop increasing USA national debt in order to win some time before system collapses. I agree with you that people should save their money in dollars, there are other more stable currencies out here:) Thanks for the article

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Dollar & bonds crash at one picture:

GitHub Logo

Holding US treasury bonds is madness at this moment!

Any fluctuations in USD is of global significance. Thanks for highlighting.

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The dollar is also depreciating somewhat in the world. The dollar index, which shows the performance of the dollar versus the six major currencies, climbed to 103, but now it is below 100. While a dollar is depreciating globally, the downward movement has accelerated as we have reduced risks. @marketreport @mafsteem

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The situation in today's market is very bad, your description is wonderful, you are a lot of people, hope this situation will get better soon,

will they ride it till the end ?
or will we change it before ?
2018 = Crypto
thank you Gregory/Robin for your work!

Bizimle paylaştığınız için teşekkür ederiz

as long as all central banks create more and more currency/dept out of thin air - this could go on and on and on...
Only if one entity - maybe China ? - stops this, people will realize that the emperor has no cloth on.
And this will be of biblical dimension....

solid stuff


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You are truly the Robin Hood of Wall Street! Nice Post!

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Very scary chart here. Time to get real! Thanks Greg!!!

Sell dollars and buy steem! :)

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You should listen to some good advice.....and it is....Become your own central bank....Geez...where have I heard that before.....OH YEAH...from Gregory Mannarino!! Thanks Greg!!

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It was nice to see the dollar break below 91 but I can see a dead cat bounce back to 93-94.

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