VERY IMPORTANT UPDATES: PLUS! The US Dollar Dives AGAIN As Bonds Sell Off. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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Hiya Greg,

The problem with Gold and Silver for me is that it isn't helping me become my own bank at all. It does give me peace of mind. But sat doing nothing while the world burns just ain't my style :)

In order to accomplish being your own bank, you're going to need access to global markets, futures and options , the dreaded derivatives and of course; liquidity in real valued assets.

Of course, having the mindset that I need to become my own bank I have found a few crypto currencies that help me achieve that. Be blessed my friend and keep Steemin :)


Yes! A lion with the heart of an investment banker. :-) I suspect "be your own central bank" is talking about the conservation of wealth--but you have to have some before you can conserve it. Maybe the Bank sequence could be Piggy Bank-->Investment Bank-->Your own Central Bank.


It could mean many different things to different people I suppose. To me at the moment it means having the ability to conduct unrestricted business with other like minded business' that have also become their own bank.

If it works use it, until it don't. Hence metals :)


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I saw the video you shared, the information that is presented is very valuable, I like all of your posts, because you can do something good, and that power comes to you. @marketreport

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Loving the metals today, great report Greg also caught Greg hunters video this morning . Im long at&t as my number one hold. As usual upvote and resteemed.


Thanks for a comment with a bit of content. :-)

The dollar gasps for breath!!!
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The biggest part I have in physical Gold and Silver. 20% in Cryptos. Steemit and Ether. The only 2 Cryptos with real use in real life. Stay away from Bitcoin.

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I have new notes out reviewing all the great steem news around the internet.

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buying kmi now. and steem is on fire

Good to see you back in the new year hopefully we will all make good money, and hopefully the metals will have a better year, thanks mike

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Thanks, Gregory, I'm a looking forward to your 2018 information and calls. Upvoted and Resteemed. Happy New Year, All!

Yip big sell off in the bond market and still dropping fast. Only red candles so far today. Upvoted.

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Happy new year Greg and tbh this whole year is going to be about crypto for me i don't really plan to trade stocks, shares etc but i always enjoy your commentary. @marketreport

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Happy New Year, Greg. I just put in a limit order for KMI at $18.60. Speaking of metals, I heard on the wire this morning that Delta Force raided Obama's house in Thailand and seized $100 million in gold. Also some news about some federal indictments in your state. Who knows, but 2018 is already shaping up to be a blockbuster.

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Greg, you were right about Steem. I purchased some when you suggested it. It has really gone up. I was thinking of purchasing a little more and was wondering if it is still a buy. Also, it’s obvious you care about getting great info to us. Why, I don’t know but thank you. I think you are just a good guy and you care. Had to edit as I mean to say Steem..
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They can game the bitcoin but 2018 is the year for altcoins.
Bitcoin is still at ~14k since the drop but watch the market cap of all coins. It's not only back up from the drop, it's at 650 billion from 620 billion.

I would say to anybody, put a good amount of cash in the top30 altcoins and just wait. There are massive gains to come, while more and more states like venezuela fail with their currencies and the people switch to crypto.
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I worry about who is buying the bonds and what power they hold if they decide to cash in the bonds.

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Thanks Greg. Totally agree metals are insurance policy. Hopefully more people will wake up and get some to protect themselves.

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Thanks Greg. Bought some STEEM on your advice the other day. Looking good! Picked up on a few others and learning as I go. Between crypto and metals, I'm doing fine for short term as well as long term... upvoted and resteemed, sir... Happy New Year!

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A lot of red in the bond market. You would think "they would be propping it up". Gold and silver advance. Not enough to count but up is up. Stocks up some also. Looks like mainstream pin heads will talk about how great it is. Not so sure.

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All we need know is this market to get back to reality, which is at least 50 percent lower than it is now.

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Greg says a weaker dollar is stock market positive. Is this true. Google: "weaker dollar is stock market positive". Yes, it appears to be true but it's not a simple equation--there are a number of interrelated reasons including increasing corporate profits for companies that sell overseas. Question-->Research-->Learn. Greg is giving more education than many of the high priced newsletters I've purchased!

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