(VIDEO). IMPORTANT UPDATES: Stocks, Gold, Silver, Cryptocurrency, More. By Gregory Mannarino

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In the video below I outline for you specifically where the current opportunities are with regard to the stock market, gold, silver, cryptocurrency's, and what you should be avoiding.

My friends, MY LIONS! There is opportunity upside down backwards and sideways right now and it is my mission to outline what these opportunities are for you, so we can all benefit from them.

Gregory Mannarino
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The wait for opening new accounts for crypto is weeks.... I've applied at a few places and with enough likes , I'll be updating all the exchanges that I am having there best luck with . !!!!! Stay tuned .

Thank you for everything you do Greg. You give the most honest, humble opinions of what's happening. Thank you!!! ROAR

This is exactly why I like to listen to you Gregory, thanks!

excellent video thanks for share

Thanks Greg for the update. I must say I missed you those couple days you were gone last week, as every day I look forward to your videos!


Yep I thought he'd been taken out by the elite!!!

Yea man! Great content! Thanks for the insight UV

Thank you Greg! I look for your market updates on a daily basis; have followed you for nearly 6 years. If there was a medal/award for helping humanity- I would give it to you. You have helped countless people understand the economics and markets- enabling these people to make informed decisions to protect pensions, investments, etc. Thank you again!

Upvoted and resteemed, keep up the good work @marketreport Great info as always, thanks for posting :-D


How do you resteem?


Hit that little U turn looking icon to the left of the reply button.

Great video!!
I agree with the debt bubble! So, you prefer silver over gold.
What do you think of the current gold-silver ratio?
I have just posted about it.
Here is the post: https://steemit.com/silver/@nenio/is-silver-undervalued

Yet another great video on Steemit which by the way I heard from your good self with all this bad economic data is it true that if America sneezes we all catch a cold thanks mike ps just resteemed

Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to know about steemit.

Thanks for update man! Very valuable information !

I'll need to make a Lion balloon figure soon! :D

Thank you for your reports I have watched your videos on youtube for years. Joined steemit this weekend based upon your encouragement. So we shall see how this goes. By the way this is the only social media I have ever joined, no facebook no twitter no nothing but now steemit.


There is no reason to join Facebook, good one on you!

Thank you for the video Greg. I am ashamed to say that I was aware of Bitcoin when it was at $5/coin. No regrets though. It's fine. I got into gold instead. I do wonder though, when will have a serious pullback for me to get back in. It's coming, and I will join you on the other side.

I liked your post ; thanks

Steem is up a lot

cool stuff man, awesome video

I am happy my Cryptos are doing really well. I started this because of you, "If Gregory recommends then I have to try it, so I did. Crypto and Mannarino rocks! :)

Correct. Prices going up and sizes of products going down. So many bubbles out there. Silver and gold are great. It is a shame they manipulate the prices. Thanks for introducing me to Steemit Greg. I think it is the wave of the future as wallpaper dollars decay.

Greg, could you advise us how you manage your STEEM rewards? Do you transfer them to BTC or hold on to them ? Do you store them in another wallet ?

Greg your like a great preacher. I could listen for hours. So relevant .

What u think about Dogecoin, so chep right now u can buy 1000 doge for 3$ , imagine the profit if it gets to 1$ even for a year right now.
Any comments?


Wheres the best place/platform to buy dodge? Only bought bitcoin and litecoin from coinbase so far


It looks like a lot of the cryptos can't be bought directly then...

On the theme of big institutions selling shares. The BT Group pension scheme has sold in the last year 60% of the shares that they held and banked the profits. If the markets were so great why such massive sell offs by the biggest pension fund in the United Kingdom. Greg is right.

Me wonders if its worth selling gold or silver into bitcoins to ride a better uptrend and then bring back into PM for long term value. I don't think BC can hold wealth very well.


I did, sold an once of pool allocated, which i never intended to physically hold anyway. Im sure Im not the only one. Will plan to get back into gold with crypto profits. I have to say, I got sick of having money tied up in gold that could be used for a better purpose. So far its doubled in crypto!

I outline for you specifically where the current opportunities are with regard to the stock market, gold, silver, cryptocurrency's, and what you should be avoiding.

Thank you for taking the time to create the video.

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PPT have this stock market propped up no matter what happens. Eventually central banks will own majority of all stocks !!


Who's got clif highs crypoto picks


Ethereum, ripple, maidsafe, bitcoin, veritaseum are some of them.

The one-eyed man is King in the land of blind!

Great Video today! The bond market is a time bomb. This cannot be over stated.

Thank you for your upvote and keep up the great work. There is so many people that follow you and respect what you have to say. You have never lead us astray and for that you desire a thumbs up 👍. DR

People can be blind to the truth of what you say, sad thing is it's obvious. Keep up the good work Gregory

Thanks Greg, reassuring support for Cryptos!

Thanks Mr Opportunity, another great video😉

I'm right there with you. Love the content that you put out. Keep up the great work and hopefully we will all tag along for the ride.

I agree that the fed will raise at the next meeting. They have no choice, if they hold off with the data being so weak markets will decline. The'll place the perception of confidence buy raising and then lay off for awhile and use some other illusion tools for awhile.

You cant help everyone Greg , agree about crypto's.
Great video,upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks Greg, Always looking forward to your videos especially when you call us out on seeing our doctors if we are not taking you serious! 😗

Greg, my charts show an impulse move in the $SPX starting at the opening of the London market overnight. This is not 100% but it looks like tomorrow will be a trend day downward until 3:30pm EST. How fitting... tomorrow is D-Day 6/6

Greg should do a video on bitcoin and altcoins more! There's a lot of potential!

Greg! Thanks again for the truth my man! Do you think you could share some daily cypto picks!

I think Litecoin will go much higher

Thanks Greg or should I say Mr Opportunity. Do you have any thoughts on the VIX? It is currently at almost an all time low. I was thinking of taking up call positions several months out ( November/December) and just holding onto it for a while.

Maaaate, I so much appreciate your take on financial stuff. BUT - your most important message that resonated loud and clear was when you broadcast that we all needed to pay it forward. I agree and I have and will continue to do just that. It is that thinking that differentiated you from the rest of the gang. You took time to remind us of the Laws Of the Universe. Many thanks, Mate.

I look forward to every video u update us with Greg, sad times for me when u get sick, and can't post, stay healthy!

My guess is that at some point the yields will go up due to a rotation out of bonds and into crypto. Precious metals will continue to have difficulty do to the ease into which they can be manipulated to the downside. Precious metals will have their day though when people see a hard turn to the downside with the dollar. Dumping the contracts at that point will only lead to short blips down, and then will resume higher showing they have lost control. Be patient and get out of the dollar.

Great article. Adding more bitcoin after next pullback. Plus miners like NUGT are lagging, buying other metal based holdings like USLV. Much better ATM.