Wall Street Is About To Rip The Face Off Bitcoin Here's How. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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incredible information!


Yep, a hint for what to expect could be how the manipulation of the gold market is done. Who's interested:


It can’t be done like that. It’s cash settlement unlike gold


Also gold price is set on a single exchange.


You can't lose if you don't play their game. Let them play all they want. The big difference between BTC and Gold is that NOBODY knows how much gold there is. We all know how many BTC there are, and we know that in the future there will be less and less as careless people lose their BTC. The key is HODL (Hold On for Dear Life). Don't play their game. Buy and hold. It has been a great way to hold gold and silver, and it will be a great way to hold BTC.

And, of course, there's Ether, Litecoin and a host of others with great value.


Thank you your contribution to open poeple's eyes. That's exactly what they want to do.

If there is a way for the Banksters to corrupt BTC, be sure they will find it and exploit it.

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Why ? I like Greg but honestly he’s not breaking this down to well


so informative, i like the title was tempted to watch it through out


Yes! We need to be discussing this a lot more... Price manipulation is going to be off the charts.


I agree. Can wait to see what happens when the futures start trading. Hang on to your hats...

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Resteemed, bud! This whole debacle might just light a fire under the alt-coins. What do you think?

Great info Resteem but I don't want any upvotes give it to the next person. I appreciate your knowledge and videos more than an upvote thanks keep them coming.


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Hi gomeravibz yeah things aren't going that great for me right now hope you are doing well.


Hello @road2wisdom !! oh no I was thinking really that something was up !! Can you let me know whats going on maybe in a DM on Discord ?? I give you a big hug and all my blessing for this Christmas and the coming New Year !

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Resteemed. I wish you were wrong on this one call... but I must say that I trust you and I have moved 80% of my BTC to some gold. Will let the 20% sit it out...

This needs to be resteemed en masse. While I personally believe this will be the catalyst that causes many more splits to occur in an effort to "take back bitcoin," This winter may bring a lot of tears to the eyes of many.

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Agree, Wall Street unfortunately running the show. Upvoted and resteem.


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this is the most important video on steemit right now
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Thank you Greg. Resteemed to spread your work. Yes there is no market maker to stabilize bitcoin price.

Ah - you look just fine Gregory! :)

Bitcoin Futures Trader:

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.02.35 PM.png


Messed up 🤣😂🤘🏽

no worried about it.
this is crypto politic

Thanks for posting on a Sunday. Personally, I think that BTC being traded as a futures product is simply another way for the central banks to crush the poeple's ability to maintain control of/issue their own money. Thanks for the info. Upvoted and resteemed.

Futures by wall street = the stupidest and scam-est thing on planet earth


yup unbelievable bro

This should be a interesting week all in all.

I like Greg I do but his track record on calls like this are hit or miss. I’m a fan of his I mean no disrespect! But before u sell and wait for $1000 dollar bitcoin know ur stuff


You doubt that Wall Street is going to game Bitcoin? Hit or miss? What specifically??


Doubt what? Seriously? No disrespect but do you even know what you are saying?

nice to see ur video and rip @greg u work and share ur videos for all still best work

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Really very useful post Thanks for sharing.

had been looking all over to find out the reason Wall Street interest in bitcoin...got my answer...may be the closest to reality!!
Thanks mate..

Good heads up. Bitcoin is just one cyptocurrency, there is also Bitcoin Cash and the Altcoins. Diversification outside of classical Bitcoin may be able to mitigate the effects of a pump and dump action taken by Wall-Street actors. As the saying goes, no one should put all of their eggs in one basket, and in this particular case, not even most of them.

Dead on! This golden nugget is worth it's weight and listening to! Thanks for the teachings you provide Gregory.

I will not be fleeced by any of these wall street crooks.
I understand what i have invested in, and i have no bullshit emotions about Bitcoin even if it fluctuate wildly in price. Long term trend is still massively upwards.
Thank you anyway for your thoughts Gregory :) I have resteemed.

nice video,great information
thanks for the post @marketreport

Thanx you sir for your GD analysis .

@marketreport very good information,thanks for the post

Gregory: "Wall Street Always Wins"
Also Gregory: "Bet against this debt, become your own central bank"

There is no doubt we're in for the ride of a lifetime, you in?

@marketreport dear Sir,very informative video sharing.Thanks:)

Great post! I'm quite interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies and the futures market.

Greg, I remember you well fought fight with YouTube. Steemit is a better home for you. Glad you are here. You have been honest all along.

Wall Street is going to BEAT BITCOIN like a baby seal on the ice for its pelt.

Spot on - Wall Street always wins because it runs the world - and yes the futures exchange will no doubt be used to run a pump and dump scheme - I just hope my 'out point' is low enough !

Sad about the rigging. . Bet against the house and and the house always wins. Thanks Greg!


Bitcoin doesn’t have paper contracts. It can’t be crushed like this. No doubt it could effect price but thereajor flaws in Greg’s explaining it here.

Great post Greg and very true words

can i resteemit your blog??

Can i resteemit your post?

Primarily, the money of that scam will be extracted from the people who buy the futures. To everyone else who just owns bitcoins, it will get more volatile, but its fundamental trajectory will be about the same.

Don't buy the futures unless you can accurately account for the rigging.

Very inportent video as usual .thanks for the post...

Thanks for the video and all your input in this. You make some good points, though I hope your wrong. I really hope Bitcoin eats Wall Street's lunch!

Insightful information, thanks so much for your ongoing hard work in informing the public!

Of course they will try to rig it but shorting it now is absolutely the wrong thing to do. The bankers want the 10-1 leverage & a place to put their money that will not disrupt the small, real Bitcoin market. So, I predict a big upside move coming now. Later they can play the short side. @compwiz4u

So what your saying is a roller coaster ride wilder than what Bitcoin has been lately.

very useful post Thanks for sharing.

nice one!

I need this informations, you are help me.
thanks for the great video @marketreport

I understand Greg, I get it. Retail investors are going to get crush. That is why there is so much fear. Thank you for taking the time to explain.

Thanks Greg

Thank you for the information Greg. Your videos always have great information. I think BTC price is going to be manipulated in a huge way. Hang on for a wild rollercoaster ride. https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@bythenumbers432/will-futures-will-it-be-a-boom-or-bust-for-bitcoin

interestingly written, I think many agree with me

Very nice video

i think your totall video just awesome
.thank you very my friendmm

Makes total sense, thanks for another great video gregory!

I have been saying this for a couple of weeks, with the futures market coming, Wall Street will now control the price of Bitcoin. The runup in the price of BTC over the last few weeks was done by Wall Street and not the average speculator buying into Bitcoin. They now probably control enough BTC to control the price and will place bets on BTC futures on the direction of price movements to win in the paper markets for BTC, all the while collecting real BTC on drawdowns in price.


Also, knowing how Wall Street operates, this is how I speculate the trading action in BTC will play out for the next few days. Wall Streets loves sucking in more people into their trade so they can pick pockets... I would speculate that Bitcoin's price will trade a little higher until tomorrow, then they will get to work and start placing thier bets on the next direction for BTC's price, and that will be more than likely down starting tommorrow and lasting at leatst a few days.

Bitcoin price is icreasing day by day. It's good for us. I beleive, btc will be the best cryptocurrency in the world.

Great Info

It's sad but true. Money makes the world go around and the wall street has lots of it.

thanks for sharing

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I’ve been saying this for months

your every video i seen..which is very demandable..thank you

Brilliant! Wall Street would NEVER do anything illegal or unconstitutional. ;)
The Federal Reserve: An Astounding Exposure 1934


It [the depression] was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence worked out as one works out a mathematical equation. The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as the rulers of us all.
Louis Thomas McFadden


I wasn’t late on this post, but I’m commenting because you always and I mean always post great stuff. Can you do a post about a new coin called Sphere based on Etherium or any of these tokens that are now popping up? Thank you and keep it real GM! Peace.

Thanks for breaking this down brotha!

Thanks for sharing very informative but what i don't understand is that for wall street to manipulate the price wouldn't they also need to hold the underlying asset

oww I think your video was very nice.just your blog is so well.

thanks for the write up @marketreport!
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Made a very important video

I dont agree that its specifically Wallstreet that runs the world ! We should be more loking at the Pharonic Templar International bankers of Switzerland and their power over us enforced by the hexagonal politicaLand Octogonol military arms of control !!

Good post. Thanks for sharing

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