Why Gold And Especially Silver Are The Most Undervalued Assets On Earth. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino

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The amount of silver and price is hard to know because the majority of silver comes from copper mining. This is doing ok at the minute so there is a supply coming on the market due to higher copper prices which would mean less supply problem for silver. Follow me and check out my meme i did thanks https://steemit.com/dmania/@newmarket65/for-all-the-music-people-haha

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you are absolutely right.
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Does anyone know what Gregory is referring to when he says "become your own Central Bank" ?? Thanks for any help.Koala.jpg


Get yourself some hard assets and bet against the debt!

Silver is really good value at the moment. Not sure if ot will last long. tThank tou Greg!

hodling silver

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Thank You, Gregory, Upvoted, and Resteemed. I'm off to the local coin shop, after the video. BYOCB

Thanks for yet another great video greg , cheers

I totally agree! So much government spending, rising bond yields, CPI going out of control! I bought big into gold miners the other day. Cheers.


Good outline and good execution. silver, gold, miners, and oil will all do well in the next 2-3 yrs.

Keep in mind that the price of silver is currently hovering in the neighborhood of $17 per troy ounce — which means the melt value of those same four US “Mercury” dimes is $4.93.


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Yes, 90% right?......Do you happen know what Gregory refers to as "your own Central Bank"?

If I had more money I would be getting all kinds of silver bars and coins...but if you look at Zclassic today you will see that finally people are waking up to the Bitcoin Private hard fork...this is like my 5th comment about it in the past 5 mins im just so excited about this development


Yes thank you Greg with the constant smashing of PM prices. It is nice to hear your opinion.
PM is money and everything else is credit.

You know it brother and have been for some time! Pushed down hard for years and as this is done the very ones doing it buy it up hand over fist telling the people all the while how worthless and useless it is........ sad that most don't catch on. In the end people will sell their BTC to get an ounce of silver but I digress.......

Thanks so much for this report. I definitely agree that both are undervalued assets right now.


When you look at the price differential between silver and gold, you see an ounce of silver selling for around $18, and you see an ounce of gold going for $1,340, and that means you would need to sell 75 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. The ratio in nature suggests you should be able to sell eight ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. This tells me one of those two prices is very wrong. Either silver is too cheap or gold is too expensive. I don’t think gold is too expensive because I think it’s undervalued too. That leads me to believe that silver is insanely priced and probably the most underpriced asset on the planet. . . . I think silver will be going up in price much more than gold, even though gold is going to go up in price dramatically.”
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Yes you are right robinhood gold and silver are the most undervalued assets. I also invested in silver instead of gold. Thanks for report upvoted and resteem

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When you can tell the job interview isn't going so well and figure you might as well try being honest


Thank you for this video update! It looks like a choppy day today.

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The day the manipulation ends we will see crypto effects on the precious metals prices


what way would that happen? to what effect and result ?Koala.jpg

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What is anyones best guess as to when will silver correct to fair market value?

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A man said once that one could buy a good suit/toga during Roman times for about an ounce of gold. In 2001 when gold was about $300.00 an ounce, one could buy a nice suit for about $300.00, you know the whole ensemble. In 2008 the price of an ounce of gold when up to about $1200.00 +/- $100.00 but a suit would now cost about 1 ounce of gold.
Not the brightest knife in the shed but I would consider that this bank note fluctuates around the price of gold...or the manipulation of everything is so extreme that gold and silver would help when the thing hits the fan.

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I too like the shiny metals.... :-)
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I think I see my friends coming, Riding many a mile.
Friends, did you get some silver?
Did you get a little gold? ♪♫♫♪♪♫ :-)
Thanx Gregory

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Just like markets correct to fair value, precious metals will eventually go to their fair value.

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I have been reading the Good Book for a few years now and I find that everything is going just as it said it would be. The bible says that there are a few moving parts to the new world order. The financial side, the religious side, and side of power. When Gorge H. Bush said we will have a New World Order no matter what stands in our way he was not kidding. The advancement that have been pushed on the people of the world are crazy fast to a cashless society with the introduction of the microchip to be embedded into the right hand or the forehead. Just like the Bible said it would be. I read Mr.Gregory Mannarino's of how this monster correction of the market would change the way people do business. Rothschild Illuminati said that he could make and control the money of the world he would not care who made the laws; and that is exactly how they will control the population. Today we the people of the US. have not been able to audit the Federal Reserve because ??? they are above the law. The religious pope is uniting the world through the catholic church just like the bible says. The question that is been asked even from the same catholic church is what is wrong with this pope. He stands for the church but the word that come out of him are the opposite of what the bible says we should do. For example the bible says that to inherit heave we are to believe in our lord and savoir Jesus Christ for it is not by our selves that we are saved but by Grace of GOD and faith in Jesus Christ so no one would boast. The pope on the other hand said having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is dangerous. GOD have mercy on his soul.

Acts 4:12 King James Version (KJV)
12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

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Accumulate when the metals are cheap, don't buy them @ 20k like bitcoin.

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because gold and silver are very valuable and always in haste, the benefits are so much that it becomes a very valuable item, the biggest investment is on it other than as a beauty ornament

ok, lets talk
gold and silver will only go up in value at the end of the world... at that point, will it matter? this stacker says 'NO'
this system is rigged, and rigged well. we will not see inflation other than the continuation of parabolic moves in the market (besides gold and silver)
"the new normal" is here to stay... until it doesnt, and at that point, you will be ded

Thank You Greg, You are so right. Great time to buy silver.

I definitely agree that both are undervalued assets right now.

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Old comic book character Scrooge McDuck enjoying his Money Room.


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Love it! If every STEEMER would buy a few ounces of silver each month we could speed up the process to fair value.

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Always have agreed with you on this one! At some point I feel the Powers That Be will lose control of their price suppression mechanism. #upvote #resteem

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I don't hold physical gold, but I do have physical silver.
Thank you for your market report.

Amen Brother Greg, thanks as always for your wisdom - I jumped into the precious metals market in Feb 2014 paying $25-$25 per ounce of silver - I've been following that action closely on a daily basis. It's become clear to me that silver will just endlessly waffle between $16-$17 as profits are skimmed by the manipulative powers~that~be . . .

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Well said...
"let them play their game, we will play ours"!
Fiat system is simply based on injustice...

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Only buy the metals. Paper is B.S. and a fast way to loose when the game has to end. Buy cryptos on the dips. Every night around 3 to 5 est. We have a dip from china not buying. Precious metals seem to go down after the markets open and the Central banks play their games pushing down the the spot price.


Thanks for the observation re: PMs going down after the opening bells. I didn't know about the 3 to 5 est dip of cryptos. (For clarification: that's 24-hour time, during the wee hours of the morning, not 3pm to 5pm in the afternoon, correct?)


Yes in the early morning. Everyday same pattern around the same time. Look before you jump it is more of a W every day. Follow this for a couple days til you see it. Seems to be at the low on the exchanges. If you look on coinbase it is the low flag. Just watch for a bit you will find it almost everyday. Asian window.


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If my cursory research and figures are correct, in 1913 an ounce of gold was worth $20.64, according to the value of the USD back then.

In that year (1913), the average cost of a home in the USA cost $4,800.

Dividing $20.64 into $4,800 means that approximately 233 ounces of gold would buy an average home in the USA, in 1913.

That 233 oz of gold is worth approximately $309,424 at today's gold price.

It seems to me that same 233 oz. of gold would purchase a nice (average) home today, depending of course on where in the USA it is located.

Whereas $4,800 USD today will not even purchase a car. (Perhaps a few horses).

We call such devaluation of fiat currency "inflation."


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I have been holding coins,both gold and silver, for several years now since I have been anticipating the collapse. I also have cash and food and water. I wonder if it will happen in my lifetime since i am 77. We are growing out food and
learning how to preserve it here in the mountains. Sauerkraut is a big project right now and is helpful for the microbiome which is responsible for 70% of our immunity.

Someone needs to rip these mutha F'n faces off this mutha F'n Market!

If I had more money I would be getting all kinds of silver bars and coins...but if you look at Zclassic today you will see that finally people are waking up to the Bitcoin Private hard fork...this is like my 5th comment about it in the past 5 mins im just so excited about this development

Greg, I love listening to you BUT, when the hell is this precious metal price manipulation finally going to come to an end?

I don't know how much more my stomach can take.


thanks for the information, dear, @marketreport

Thats why i have stack silver since 2012 ... :D

this is informative post. thanks for sharing sir..

What a coincidence! I too like gold and silver.

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