How To Double to A Million - Day 3

6개월 전

Day 3

This is day 3 of the quest to 1 million dollars. Review the plan at this introduction post:

Yesterday's post will pay out about 2 cents. The total should be around 6 cents so I have 2 cents to go

Today I will respond to several steem contests to get to the higher level of doubling.

I would appreciate an upvote to help me along with my quest.


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Check out cryptosicko a daily contest to earn SPI. 1 SPI is worth about 1 steem and growing. This could be a bedrock investment to help with your goals.

You touched on the difficulty of doubling as the amounts grow larger. It is easy to find a dollar or two but when you grow bigger than that, to double it means you will have to find the money outside of the upvotes.

I look forward to seeing just how inventive you will be. Keep in mind that getting to $1 million is only part of the story - just as important is that you learn from the experience - and if we are lucky, you'll teach us something also.