The liquidity of precious metals, the END GAME

4년 전

Firm believer that it is important to posses a certain amount of your net worth in precious metals. Whatever that amount is, is entirely subjective to the individual. Not worth debating.

However, what is in question is your ability to (when the time comes) transfer those precious metals into a more usable form of currency, whatever that may be.

Do you feel comfortable contacting one of the more reputable PM mongers and then sending them your metals and waiting for a check or crypto, cause they are not sending cash.

How about driving down to your local coin shop and selling it there? Generally the smaller outfits try to buy PM well under spot (they have to to make any kind profit). Furthermore, their financial resources are not as great. You may very well be the tenth person in line that day.

What about a financial crisis? Do you wait for the price of the PMs hit a ceiling (as most people will do to maximize their ROI) or set a comfortable price and unload it before the masses do.

As a stacker, I have spent much time and thought with acquiring PMs, yet none at all about the liquidation. Until now.

May I quote Charlie Wilson's War :
"and then we fucked up the end game"

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