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I know that when you hear “REST IN PEACE” you actually thinking about “DEATH”. But lemme shock you... it's not DEATH. What if we say Rest in PEACE with MONEY How about that?

"Money answereth all things", we know that...
But money is also the root of all evil too...
When you need money, you work very hard to get it, then when you wanna spend it, you spend it like you never worked for it.
When you need money, you become so loyal to all, then when the money arrives, you're the most pompous being on earth

"REST IN PEACE" with money is actually your ability to make money, control your money and still remain who you are... Some people fail to understand that money is not a Bed Of Roses. Most people also go extra miles to make money making them not to REST IN PEACE with their money...

A little thing I know is that we have too many mature men who aren't mature minds and that's very bad. Many people know how to make money but not all are able to make it stay in peace with them. Steemit is one of the environment where people make money and spend it recklessly which is also very bad.
It's high time we understand urselves and begin to REST IN PEACE WITH OUR MONEY

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