Bill Gates donated $ 460 million !!!

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Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation, announced the largest amount of money in the 21st Century. He donated 5 percent of his total wealth. Its financial value is approximately 460 billion dollars. However, no organization has given so much money, no details were given about it.

Bloomberg reported that on June 6, Bill Gates has donated 640 million shares of the software company. Its market value is $ 460 million Although it has not been made clear to any organization, Bill Gates's contribution to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds has so far been made.

61 year old Bill Gates donated this huge amount of money to the first lot since 2000. Of course, there is an example of more money than that. In 1999, the bill donated $ 160 billion worth of shares. A year later, $ 510 million donation was announced.

However, there is no comment from anyone on the recent donations by Microsoft and Bill Gates.

Bill and his wife Melinda Gates are involved in charity since 1994. A total of 168 wealthy people, including Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, have announced to donate most of their wealth to charity.

Bill Gates is the richest person in the world, despite giving this huge amount of money. Bloomberg Billionaire's index is worth $ 8,610 million. Jeff Bezos, head of Communications, is close to Bill Gates. Jeff's wealth has risen almost 30 percent since January.

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They donate money to avoid paying taxes on it. They are most likely involved in the "nonprofit organization receiving their own money in a different way.


they donate money and people think they are great.....