7 Easy SEO Tips to Promote Your Blog to the Top

2년 전

Any blogger understands that it is very necessary to keep their blog at the top of searches. One of the effective ways to increase blog traffic is the filling it with new interesting and thoughtful articles. To make these articles really effective – use SEO articles. Let’s find some useful tips and rules to promote your blog to the top and, what is more important, keep it there.

Write a lot and every day
As it was mentioned above you need to find and use useful texts that can remain relevant for a long time. You need to use the texts with themes which won’t be interesting to read only once and during the short period of time. Create your content filling it with articles and essays which will be interesting for readers even in ten years. You can write those articles by yourself if you are sure that you’ll do it periodically, it must be as often as possible. If you’re not sure that you can write interesting content by yourself, then you’ll better buy essay with affordable prices on the internet.

Be online
Update your content regularly. People who read your blog need to feel your constant presence infilling of the personal website with amusing or scientific information (it depends on the main goal and theme of the blog). It must stay “fresh” and relevant all the time. As an example of such constantly updating website, you can take the http://mashable.com/ or any other examples. Do not afraid to use different photos and videos!

Create a clear structure
Create the clear structure of your website. Each section of the blog must have heading and subheadings which will help your followers to find necessary information faster. Those headings also will help to understand the main idea of the content at the first sight. Descriptions of sections of the blog also will be very useful. Create SEO tags which are popular in different searches and they will surely help to readers find your blog easier.

Use keywords and phrases in your articles for content filling. It is very important to use right keys and to choose proper text anchors in the SEO texts. There are many ways how to improve SEO and you can easily find them on the internet. I advise you to look them through and use them while writing or choosing the proper content to your blog. SEO tools will be very effective in promoting it.

Make links
One of the ways of increasing the popularity of your blog is making it worth of trust for followers. You can achieve it by making links to relevant reputable websites. Of course the most popular are links to Wikipedia where one can find any necessary information, but there are a lot of other popular websites and blogs with different topics, for example world news, which can be the good foundation for your blog. One can post comments on relevant blogs and in this way, connect them. And, of course, create Comments Widget to give to your followers to have the conversation with you and each other and to ask questions about your blog.

Collaborate with searching services
Submit your blog to search engines and directories. Be sure that it will increase chances to find new readers for your blog. Do not forget that the more popular the search engine among Internet users, the more people use search engines, and more traffic will come with it. The most popular searching engines for October 2016 are: 1. Google; 2. Bing; 3. Yahoo! Search.

Use social networks
Nowadays one of the best marketing strategies is the using of social media. Create accounts on such websites like Facebook, Twitter and others. It will enable your readers to share information from your blog in their personal accounts. It will be the best way to tell about your blog.
Usage of these simple tips will promote your blog to the top and surely will provide it with a great number of followers. Good luck to you!

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