Top Time Secrets of Ranking your Fiverr GIGs to the Top of the Search Results

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Making money with Fiverr is an easy and fun way to become financially independent in a very short period of time.
Still, many of us find it so hard to make even one dollar on Fiverr while others earn thousands of dollars through Fiverr in a month.
What is it that makes them thousands of dollars? I would say the skills. Yes, exactly the skills make them able to get their Fiverr gigs ranked to the top of the search results. These skills are not simply what they sell on Fiverr. It’s the skill of making oneself stands out of the crowd.
When I talk about the gig SEO in this article, so it would mean that how to get your gig ranked on top on Fiverr’s internal search results page. That has nothing to do with web searches, Google, and other search engines.
Generally, what matters in the ranking of a certain gig involves a brief description and its relevancy with the title of the gig, video insertion and proper usage of keywords. However, optimization of the Fiverr’s profile is also very important for getting more orders.
In this post we will move from general factors to secrets, so don’t underestimate the general factors. They are the backbone of your Fiverr’s business. Let’s move to the process step by step.
The Title of Your Fiverr’s GIG
The title is the most important part of the gig, which I would say, contribute 80% in the ranking of a gig. Titles having persuasive words may lure a buyer to click on your gig, but not necessarily would help you rank your gig. So it’s necessary to use the proper search term in your gig’s title to make it visible in the search results.
For example: If you offer writing services on Fiverr and make a gig with the title that “I will write an enlightening article about anything you want.”
Would it make any difference? Logically, it seems perfect, but with the Ranking perspective, it worths nothing. You could not expect orders for such type of gig. No matter how beautifully you make it. Because what a buyer would search will be bit different. So you have to consider what the people are searching.
If you modify the title to “I will write an OUTSTANDING article of 500 words” then whenever, a buyer searches for “500 words article” term, it is probable that the buyer will be able to see your gig in the search results.

Images or Video
If it really comes down to the comparison between the images and video. Then the video will always get the award.
The role of an image or video is not more than increasing the conversion rate of your gig. But it also contributes indirectly to the ranking of your gig. If your video or image is attractive enough to make orders, then you will also get ratings, which is one of the ranking factors and discussed below in detail.
Therefore, never underestimate the power of video or images. Because even if you get ranked high in searches, but your gig is not attracting the buyer to click on it so it is of no use. If you can upload a video of yourself where you talk about your skills, service and experience, then it will definitely make the difference. It helps in making your gig more personalize.
If you can’t upload a video. It’s perfectly fine. But then you have to upload visually optimize images to your gigs which can, at least, define your service and attract buyers to click on your gig.
The Description of your gig should promise something that can inspire the buyer.
For example, if you are selling SEO services and start the description with the sentence that “Get 50 backlinks quickly in just $5.” This is one sentence that inspires the buyer to immediately place the order on your gig. Because it’s not only promising of 50 backlinks but more importantly, it talks about the end results in which the buyer is more interested.
Moreover, using the proper search terms and keywords in the description that are related to the title of your gig and service will help you to get a high ranking.
Accurate Tags
The tags have the power to show your gig in different search results. Take your time to identify the related tags for your gig and do mention them. Tags are the spice of the meal. Using a variety of keywords as tags helps you rank your gig in minutes.
For example: If you are trying to rank your writing gig. It’s obvious that you would already have mentioned the keyword in the title and the description of the gig. So here comes the role of tags. You have to mention the following keywords as tags in your gig for greater exposure and ranking. Take a look on them below.
• Content writing
• Writing
• Business writing
• Creative writing
• Writers
• Copywriting

Using such type of keywords in tags will help boost your Fiverr SEO right away. Because each of the tags is representing a separate category. So the chances are that your gig becomes visible in all of these categories.
The secret sauce of ranking your gigs in a day
Now let’s move to the creative part of the Fiverr SEO. These are the proven techniques which helped me personally getting my gigs ranked in one day.
More views mean more visibility in search results
More views make your gig more visible in the Fiverr’s search results. It is the first sign to know that whether your gig is ranking or not. A well-ranked gig will automatically receive more views, but if you are not getting enough views, then you can increase the views of your gig yourself so it will give a positive signal to the Fiverr’s algorithm to pick this gig up.
It shows that people are interested in your gig and viewing it. You can drive real visitors to your gig, which I am going to show you below in a minute that how to drive real visitors. However, I have noticed over the time that driving 300 views to your gig boost up your ranking in one day. If you can manage more visitors. That would be good. But if you can’t, then 250-300 views are good enough to rank your Fiverr gig.
Do not Earn money only, Earn Good Ratings too
Once you start getting orders, the first thing you need to do is to deliver the quality service to the buyers and encourage them to leave 5-star reviews on your gig. It’s essential. Why? Because it gives positive signals to Fiverr that this gig is performing better and liked by buyers so it has the potential to grow substantially and in return your gig receive higher ranking in Fiverr.
Promote your gig outside Fiverr
Now it comes the part where you will come to know how you can really drive the real visitors. You can use social media as a tool to bring as much traffic as you want. Share your gig’s link to the number of Facebook groups and pages. You can also post a link on your Facebook profile and ask your friends and family to visit and view your gig.
Whereas, twitter is more efficient in the case of links. Write a short & a sweet tweet about your gig that what are you offering on Fiverr and include the link in your tweet. No matter if you have very few or zero followers on Twitter.
Just by inserting hashtags can broaden the reach of your tweet. Always include hashtag #fiverr in your tweet and other related hashtags that can define your service. For instance, if you have an SEO gig. So, always use hashtags like the ones mentioned below:
• Ranking
• Traffic
• Backlinks
Promoting outside the Fiverr is not only fun, but it actually finds you the clients too. Many of the clients I secured, in the beginning, was from twitter.
Final thoughts
No matter how many times you have thought about “how to rank high on Fiverr” or else “how to get a high ranking on Fiverr” but these are the real time tips to rank high on Fiverr which are proven and tested. Following these practices, step by step could bring you results within a day. I Bet
One more Tip
If you want to increase the visibility of your gig in a real time. Put your feedback about this article and your Fiverr’s gig link in the comment with your real name. We will give you free and consistent visibility & visitors.
What you say is definitely true, impressions don't automatically mean sales but there is a correlation. Across all of my gigs, I have maintained a conversion rate of 3% (+ or - a couple of decimal points) for services which are not related to each other. I get impressions and views from a wide variety of sources such as the Fiverr Forum, Quora, Facebook, Twitter etc and so I am sure my views from Fiverr alone probably convert higher.
Optimizing your gig is something that is a little bit difficult. You need to optimize it so that it shows, not for the service you are offering, but for what buyers will be searching for in relation to your gig.
I have never specifically tried optimizing my gig's description any more than simply trying to describe my service well. I play around with the tags from time to time but not a lot. I find it wastes a lot of time to be constantly changing the text and the reality is that Fiverr traffic to the site fluctuates dramatically from month to month so it is difficult to gauge your success. Furthermore, Fiverr search results have become personalized, like Google, so that your searches will affect your future search results.
So how do you optimize in this case?
From snippets of info that Fiverr has given over time and from comments made by other sellers, I suspect that linking to your gig from other sites is a very powerful way of affecting your ranking. I don't mean the rubbish 20,000 links for $5, I mean quality links from relevant sites.
Other things that affect it are your response time (Get the App!), delivering AHEAD of time (add an extra day to delivery time but see my note below), ratings (do all you can to get 5 stars, without begging) and finally, being involved on the forum leads to both stronger optimization as every post is a link and people checking your gig if you seem interesting/professional.
Showing up in Results
Go to the Fiverr site and search for something. When the results show, check the filters on the side. Go through each filter and see what ones will "knock your gig out" and why. For example - A gig that offers delivery within 3 days is much more likely to be picked than one offering 4 days. Why? It's not a big time difference but the filter offers options of 24 hours, up to 3 days and up to 7 days! By adding an extra day to your delivery time (from 3 to 4 days), you can be effectively adding 4 days!
Checking through the filters and changing your gig to suit this is a great way to get more results. Regular Fiverr buyers will most likely use the filters a lot more than new buyers so the possibility of getting a regular buyer is increased if you work your changes well.
Being online a lot makes a huge difference so get the app and use it. I get countless last minute orders from people who want something done within a very short space of time and are willing to pay double or triple to get it. Without the app I would miss these orders.
Looking Professional
If you are a writer and you have focused on trying to make your gig description optimized then it is possible that it reads badly. That reflects badly on your ability to write. What is the point of getting buyers to your gig if what they see is a horribly written description with highlighter, bold text and repeated phrases? They will never order your service with a description like that! This is why I focus on making my gigs look professional, descriptive and informative and focus on optimization by the other methods mentioned above.

Fiverr is a Global marketplace where buyer and seller meet and make a deal, most deals are just in 5$ as indicated by the name of Fiverr, Sellers make gigs and buyers order them. Fiverr is cash machine using which you can earn a handsome passive income with little effort, but as there are millions of sellers on Fiverr, so there is tough competition in top selling niches like Logo designing, copy writing, etc but using secret tricks which I will share here you can rank any gig you want.
Fiverr have millions of potential buyers looking for professional services, just we have to know the art of converting these potential buyers into sales, so here are few simple tips to help you make thousands of dollar per month from Fiverr, these are Guaranteed tips which I have experimented myself, so start working hard without any risk.
How to make Fiverr gig which looks better than others?
First of all, make a good gig, it depends upon your skills that what you can do better, Gig must have following futures.
Write Lengthy content that compels buyers to buy your gig, its most important part of your success, you can get the example from top sellers of Fiverr, also highlight the important features of your gig.
Must add a video to catch buyers attention and he should feel that this is the only gig he is looking for, Fiverr ranking algorithm rank those gigs well which have video with them, the video shouldn’t be longer than one minute, also it makes your gig more clear to buyers. Few Top seller told me this as their secret for ranking their gigs at the top.
Add your previous work to show buyer that you have done this before and you have good experiences in doing this.
Make Gig Stand Out from others by making it unique and more powerful than any other one, according to my sources every gig posted on Fiverr passes manual review, in which moderator make decision to rank it or not, the main rule they use to determine gig eligibility is that how much serious you are with work, if you try to copy image from Google and do not do some extra stuff then surely your gig will go in lowest rank.

Gig extras can help you to earn big more than you expect so also add them with a compelling title.

Fiverr Gig Ideas
Its all depend on you, what you can do and what you can’t & what you can do better than others, so first check your skills and then create gig.
For a skilled person following jobs are good.
• Graphic Designing (Logo designing, Card design, Papers, etc)
• Video Creation (White Board videos, Documentaries)
• Document type work (Infographics)
• Copywriting (Writing on niches you are Good at)
• Development (WordPress, HTML, CSS, Android apps, IOS apps)
• Marketing (Video marketing, SEO, backlinks, Social Marketing)
• Legal (Law related work)
• Voice (Tunes, Voice Recordings, Songs singing, Voice jingles)’
These are top categories on Fiverr where the most seller sells.

Easy Tasks
If you don’t have any skill then do the following easy jobs.
• Header Designing ( – Free)
• Logo Designing (Online Free Logo Designing sites)
• White Board Videos (Video Sparkle, Video FX – Trails available)
• Backlinks (Learn, it’s easy to do)

Fiverr Search Ranking Algorithm
80% of people come directly to Fiverr and search for gigs they are interested in, so Fiverr have a well-designed algorithm which ranks Gigs carefully after measuring certain Quality factors, you should know about these factors before ranking any Gig.

  1. Title, Description, Keyword & Category: effects the relevancy of Gig in search results, having a focused keyword in title and description is important.
  2. Reviews & Ratings: effects search rankings, so always make your customer happy to get five-star ratings.
  3. Response Time: is now taken as an important factor for ranking Gig.
  4. Active Time: (Active time spent on is also taken as profile ranking factor according to experienced sellers.
  5. Delivery Time: also effect rating, sellers which do not complete Gig in time have a hard luck to improve Gig ranking.
  6. CTR: (Click through rate) effect the ranking of Gig in a search result, higher CTR will move up your ranking just like Google ranking, you can increase CTR by using an attractive image and title for your Gig.
  7. Gig Quality: As I have told you before that Fiverr Moderators count your efforts to rank your gig.

What to do After publishing?
After publishing your gig follow below tips to optimise your Gig for more sales.

Social Sharing is Easy Task
Social sharing is a good step to get some initial buyers, it will also improve the ranking of Gig in Google which can also bring potential customers for you, also you get some reviews from these buyers which give a boost to your Gig views.
It will be great if you boost your Fiverr Gig via Paid FB Ads, initial reviews will help you to gain popularity.

Buy or Exchange
Buy your gig yourself from another account or ask someone for gig exchange and then give five star rating from that account to your gig, it will increase visitor trust and experience which compel him to buy your gig, buy your own gig at least three times for good rating, after getting five star rating from three sales, Fiverr algorithm will improve position of your gig in its search result, which is important to get buyers.

Increase your Favourites (secret)

Fiverr ranking algorithm use favourite as ranking signal so higher the favourites topper will be ranking and more will be sales.
How to get unlimited favourites for your Fiverr Gig?: There is just simple secret to getting unlimited favorites to your Fiverr gig, this will just take your little extra time but believe me when you will complete this step you will be top of others, just you have to click on favorite yourself and then refresh your page and then fastly click again on favorite, now Fiverr will turn one favorite into two, repeat this process again and again as shown below and you will get big favorites, higher favorites will also increase buyer trust on your gig.
How many favorites I need?: just go to Fiverr and search for keyword for which you want to rank your gig and check how many numbers of favorite first gig have, you need the same number of favorites to rank your gig at that place so start this process, in starts its seems difficult, but soon you will see its fruit, remember that its secret.

Have any Question or Problem? - Ask me on the Forum and I will answer you personally for free.

What can I do more to affect my Gig Rankings?
Optimising every part of Fiverr profile will help you to boost your GIG rankings, things you can do are:
Create a stunning Profile: Create an authority profile, some user check profiles before buying to ensure the quality of Gigs, you should look like a real person with good experience and ratings.
Improve your profile Level: Fiverr have their own level system through which it categorises sellers, as your sales increase Fiverr will move your level up. Uplevel users have more Gig visibility than of normal, so work hard and move up.
Drive Fake or Real visitors to your Gig: Fiverr may look direct traffic on your gigs, so providing some fake bot views ensure chances of being listed high or you can promote your gig via Facebook Ad to get a lot of sales and Traffic.
Build Some Backlinks: Building backlinks will not improve Fiverr rank but will boost your GIG ranking in Google so you can also drive potential visitors from Google to your Fiverr Gig.

“I’m new and need sales” - 3 Top Tips & Tricks to Generating Sales from a Top Rated Seller
Fiverr Tips Tips for Sellers

twistedweb123Fiverr Ambassador
Jan 4
Hey guys!
Let's cut straight to the chase. You're a new seller (or maybe even an older seller experiencing a sales slum). Here are my 3 top tips to generating sales:

  1. Interlink your services and create related gigs
    I've seen many new sellers fall into two traps when first creating their gigs.
    One of these traps is to create multiple gigs which are essentially the same thing (such as "create modern logo design", "create a unique logo", "design your logo") in the hopes of getting more traffic. This doesn't work and I've personally interviewed multiple Fiverr staff members on the official Fiverrcast Podcast15 who attest to this. It's been stated that the ranking algorithm is alert to this "hack" and you'll receive no additional exposure. Not only will your exposure not increase (it may even decrease) but you'll also be watering down your gig's feedback score. What's better, one logo gig with 100 ratings, or 5 logo gigs with 20 ratings each? It's the former - especially if you want to rank higher in a very popular category.
    The second trap is creating an array of different services or gigs which in no way relate. For example, having a logo design gig, a voiceover gig, a video testimonial/spokesperson gig etc.
    Whilst these gigs work standalone, put them together in a collection and they reflect poorly on your brand and aren't capable of working together. It's like having a football team made up of individual superstars but no team chemistry. Do you look like a professional logo designer when you're also offering to be a professional spokesperson as well? Or do you end up looking like a hobbyist or jack-of-all-trades.
    The key to hitting the ground running and ramping up your sales is to create gigs which compliment eachother and can be interlinked. It's far easier to sell 3 different gigs to one client then it is to look for 3 different clients entirely for 3 different services - especially as a newbie.
    Imagine the scenario, you have 3 gigs:

  2. Logo design

  3. Social media design

  4. Banner design
    If a buyer purchases any one of these gigs, you can easily interlink and upsell your other services. A buyer who is interested in a logo design service is also very likely to be interested in services #2 and #3. When creating your first gig, you need to consider your brand and what "collection" of services you want to offer. Do this correctly and you end up with services working together as a team - when one has a slow day/week, the others pick up the slack and provide new orders to the service in a dry spell. Do this incorrectly and you end up with 1 gig being your "main" and 5+ other services all lagging and struggling for sales. What happens when your main gig has a slow day/week then? You're in trouble.

  5. Package your gigs
    Once you've made your "collection" of complimenting services, you then need to literally collect them into a package.
    To do this, go to the "My Favorites" section of your account and create a new collection:

Once created, add your gigs to it. You then end up with a collection of your gigs which can be shared, marketed as a package and promoted for increased order opportunities. When you visit the collection URL, you'll also notice something very cool:

Fiverr has the ability to add a WHOLE collection to a buyer's cart. This means you can promote your complimenting services to all be ordered at the same time. You could even team up with other sellers to create collections and offer premade packages. Imagine you're a voiceover artist who doesn't write scripts - how about teaming up with a copywriter? The buyer places their order and proceeds seamlessly, rather than look for a competitor who may offer more than you.

  1. Create a "buyer request" specific gig
    A lot of people recommend new sellers use the buyer request section to generate orders and I highly agree. However, with so many requests and sellers competing, how do you stand out from the crowd? The biggest issue with getting orders from buyer requests is that these requests are often "custom" in nature, yet you have to send along an offer attached to a gig you have already made.
    Here's a good example:

This buyer wants to change their Facebook page's name. It's showing to me because I offer a gig (Facebook cover design) inside the same category. To send this request, I'll need to attach it to this gig. For the buyer, this is extremely confusing. They request someone to help change their Facebook name but receive an offer related to design? Even if you fill in the details, the main design/call-to-action of your offer still looks like your unrelated service:

So, what you want to do is create a simple 'complete your request' style gig. It could be called something like "I will complete your request". You can create a gig image with a call to action such as completing their custom request. The buyer then receives your custom request that is 100% relevant to what they posted - with a clear title and CTA image, rather than trying to force a square peg into a round hole by trying to match your closest related gig.

Do you know there are many sellers who are making $1000+ per month even more from Fiverr only by selling their services and skills. Have you ever thought how they are able to do this ? They get their gigs ranked at the top for their keywords and drive more sales to their gigs. Nobody knows exact algorithm that Fiverr use to rank any gigs, but I will tell you how to rank your gig for any keyword on Fiverr.

Before you go read below strategies I would recommend you to read my previous post in which I had presented some of the gigs which you can use to make money on Fiverr easily without much experience. There are many more gigs you can use to make money just you have to visit Fiverr and check what kinds of gigs are working and what services and skills you can provide.

Once you have done everything from setting up your profile to your Fiverr gig get live you need to apply this secret strategy to get your gig at top and get sales flowing in. This has been secret I had been using since last month and was able to make $544 using only 3 gigs. Using this secret you can rank any gig at 1st position for any keyword on fiverr in less than 48 hours for keywords like : “Logo Designing“, “Video Animation” and many more like this.
Here is how I did this :
NB : But before you proceed get your gig live and put a brief description with proper images.

  1. Create a Dummy Account on Fiverr :-
    Create a dummy account on Fiverr and buy your own gig twice/thrice at least and give good ratings and review. (In this you will only loose $2-$3)
  2. Drive Fake Visitors to Your GIG :
    If you can drive real visitor that will be great but if you can’t, then you have to send at least 200-250 fake visit/hits. This will boost your gigs impression and will be more visible to buyers who are willing to buy your services.

If you don’t know how to get fake visitors, you can buy some gigs on Fiverr who can provide fake visits to your gigs but don’t overuse them.

  1. Use Accurate Tags :
    You have to make sure that you are using accurate and appropriate tags for your gigs otherwise you will not be able to rank and also you must include you want to rank for in your Gigs Title and descriptions.
    For Example : If you are trying to rank your gig for Animation Videos or Whiteboard Videos then you should use following tags like :-
  2. Whiteboard
  3. Video Animation
  4. 3D Animation
  5. Whiteboard Animation
  6. Similar tags like above.
    I have not promoted my gigs much on social sites or done anything to promote my gigs outside fiverr. I have shared each and everything I had done to make money from fiverr. There are more than 1.5 millions buyers on Fiverr once I rank my gigs I don’t have to promote them because I am already going to get massive exposure to earn money.
    If you face any problem while ranking your fiverr gigs you can contact me or you can put your queries down in comment below. I would love to help you out in making money from fiverr. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.
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interesting article anyhow I would like to get to update it. Few of your things like getting favorites is not working anymore.