The Cboe announces it will not Relist Bitcoin Futures Contracts , then Bitcoin Prices Spike

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In November 2017 I posted an article warning Bitcoin Investors.
"RED Alert the CFTC approves Futures Contracts for Bitcoin starting Dec. 18th 2017"

The Bitcoin community believes the CFTC approval will give Bitcoin legitimate status as a currency.
Question: Why has the Banksters and CFTC have a change of heart in regards to Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is the only market that the Central Banks are unable to manipulate, but on December 18th, 2017 that will change.
Bitcoin will have the same price manipulation just like Gold & Silver prices since 1971.
The Central Banks will not tolerate any competition to their worthless Fiat Currencies.

On December 23rd 2017 I posted this article. "The Central Banks now control Bitcoin Prices via the Futures Market"

I was shocked that the Bitcoin price correction took place within 4 days of the CBOE Bitcoin futures launch. I thought the Banksters would have waited a couple of months at least. I think the attack on Bitcoin was a two prong approach. I believe the Central Banks have been accumulating Bitcoins for the past couple of months preparing for the futures Launch. The Banks have unlimited printed fiat paper to purchase any asset class including Bitcoin. Remember the Bitcoin market is control by only 1000 people. It is a small market compared to Gold & Silver. Which makes it easy for the Banksters to manipulate.

On March 17th, 2019 CBOE announced it was not relisting Bitcoin Futures Contracts after March 2018.
April 3rd 2018 Headline on
" Crypto market value surges $30 billion in 36 hours; Bitcoin Cash doubles in value"
It does not mean the Manipulation is over, because the CME still has Bitcoin Futures Contracts.

This is just another example how the Banks use Derivatives/Futures Contracts to manipulate any asset prices.

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