The Central Bank's Economic goal is to destroy the Wealth of 99% of the World's Citizens.

3년 전

A Great Political Awakening is happening in America, which will lead to an Economic Awakening. The Central Banking System that we were born into is Evil. I find it hard to watch the Financial Networks talking about what the Federal Reserve will do with it's Balance Sheet & Interest Rates. They are assuming the Central Banks are working in the Best interest of the Citizens, by preserving the corrupt system they created 204 years ago. Their only interest is to Centralize Power & Wealth to the Elite few. Mostly importantly their Debt System is designed to fail. If your interested how the system works and who controls it. The Videos Below are a starting point to understand their Evil System. Note: These are secrets they keep from the people.

The first video is "hidden Secrets of Money episode 4" I Recommend you go back an watch the complete series.

The next video "The American Dream Film" It describes how the Central Banking System was created.

The Video is the "The Illuminati Exposed 50 year old radio recording" Warning this video will change your view of history.

The Truth can be painful at first, but as time passes it becomes liberating.

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