The Demise of Democracy via Disease


It’s an extremely convoluted con but the economy functions from the creation of debt.. “they” don’t need any tax payer money ! In fact the supply of circulating money or tax revenue is infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things and the valuation of your holdings are nothing more than the promise of debt repayments..

Of course they will insinuate that money is finite, taxes must be collected, that inflation and the printing of money are deterministic factors, but that’s all smoke and mirrors.. As long as the global supply chain is tied to the US dollar none of the logic of finance and economics as you know it apply..

For instance, if I told you a year ago that an event would lead to tens of millions of unemployed people as well as negative oil prices you’d only logically deduce that the dollar would crash and we would be in a depression right ? Well there’s 26 million newly unemployed Americans and oil is negative 37 dollars a barrel.. Middle men are actually paying companies to buy their product !

And yet due to the unchecked faith based illusion of capitalism and the fractional banking that facilitates corporate and industry bailouts, the federal reserve is simply printing more money to delay the inevitable cyclical bust.. They won’t even so much as admit this is a recession much less a depression.. This is a well orchestrated ruse that may not have planned for a pandemic but is certainly well equipped to improvise the disaster into its machinations... The response of the Trump administration has been no different than any other 3rd world country save the difference that for America the only casualty will ultimately be the unnecessary loss of life and further declining living standards of the already not wealthy.. For developing nations they will suffer this and much more..Their economies will never return to normal because normalcy was just another lie sold by the USA.. Just like democracy and the function of a constitution with all its checks and balances was..

The positive take away is that no country will ever again strive to be like America and for that reason alone there is hope for the rest of the world..

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Damn son, you sound like the white me right now, I kinda like it! I know its a shit show and yeah we all 7 billion sort of let it happen. I just hope the next species will learn from our mistakes!

Well my muy buen amigo. Over here something to practice a lil bit more your spanglish!! };)