Focus Stock of the Day (CUB)

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Cashless society is coming here is how to benefit.

This company is leading the way to a contactless-payments future. The experiment began in New York subway last May with contactless-payment turnstiles. Rather than buying and loading a MetroCard, riders can simply use mobile payments (like Apple Pay) and contactless bank cards. The turnstiles run on hardware developed by the small, $2 billion technology firm Cubic (CUB).

The company won a massive $574 million contract to update payment collection in New York's public transit system in 2017. Boston also signed a deal with Cubic in 2017 worth $575 million to switch its subway system to contactless mobile and contactless bank card payments. Then in 2018, California signed a $461 million deal to convert the San Francisco area's regional transit-payment system.

Analysts expect Cubic will increase sales by 20% in 2019 to around $1.4 billion in total sales and shares have traded in a nice upward slop this year.


Cubic is the technology company that's changing how we pay look at buying shares today.

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