Three Powerful Mind Tricks in order to Make More Money

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It's all in the mind. This is how most people react when it comes to channeling the law of attraction. But can we use the same approach if we want to make more money?

Of course, it is a big Y-E-S-!

Have you ever experienced financial struggles after constantly saying you have no money at all? Or have you experienced being so financially abundant after constantly thinking of receiving a certain amount of money?

Scientific studies suggest how Law of Attraction, or the ability to attract whatever we are focusing on into our lives , can do the same wonders towards money.

How can we channel the money-making machine inside us? Discover through the steps below:

1. Be clear with your goals

Simply telling yourself you want to make more money and acquire more wealth can make your mind just running around a loophole.

As much as possible, you have to get clear and concise for the kind of wealth and the type of lifestyle you want to have.

Do you want to be the crazy-rich type? or the not-so-crazy rich type?

Ask yourself of how much you want to earn on a weekly, monthly, or on a yearly basis. This must be directly proportional to the lifestyle you want to live in.

How much would it cost to sustain you and your family's needs and wants?

Do you need a fifty thousand pesos per week?

A hundred thousand per month?

A million per year?

Set goals and get clear of the exact amount you must earn in a specific time-frame.

Write it in a journal. Save it in your computer notes or in your phone.

You can even make a vision board for it. Cut out some pictures of the house you want to live in. Of the car you want to drive. Of the places you want to travel. Of the amount of check you want to receive periodically.

Put it somewhere you get to see more often.

Well here's the trick. Instead of using "I want to earn _____", replace it with "I am now earning ______".

In order to train your brain into thinking that you can actually make more money, you have to claim it before actually having it!

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2. Think like you are already earning the money that you want

Now, this is the fun part. In this phase, you have to visualize like you are already receiving the money and living the lifestyle that you always wanted to have.

Visualize, believe, and feel like you are actually living the moment. Of course, you need something to trigger that "rich actor" inside of you.

Activate your prosperity senses by reading the exact goals you have written in Step 1. Imagine the things you would do, the places you would travel, the charities you would support, and the house you would buy with that money.

As you go over your "I am rich" list, visualize the impact of such amount of money you are 'earning' into your life.

Imagine how it would help your family. How it will treat your friends. How it will make your community a better place to live in. How it will change the lives of the people in charitable institutions.

Go over your list after you wake up and before you go to bed. Read your affirmation daily. Trust me, it can be stronger than coffee to keep your arse up and working!

3. Ask yourself

I hate to break your daydreaming, but in this stage, I want to snap you with the reality.

Though visualizing primes your brain into thinking that you actually have "it", all of these will be useless unless you create the action steps to achieve those.

Ask yourself, “What can I do today?”Oftentimes, we are too overwhelmed by the hopes and dreams we create that we tend to think they are impossible. That daydreaming is the only way to achieve those.

Go over your "I am rich" journal once again. Think. Reflect. What can you do to realize those visions? What skills do you have to earn more? What business can you start?

Now, think about the time-frame and the amount of effort or capital you have to pour in. Divide those into chunks.

You can do the same goal setting tricks based on "The One Thing" as what Gary Keller suggests:

Someday Goal

What's the one thing I want to do someday?

5 Year Goal

Based on my someday goal, what's ONE thing I can do in five years?

1 Year Goal

Based on my 5 year goal, what's ONE thing I can do this year?

Monthly Goal

Based on my 1 year goal, what's ONE thing I can do this month?

Weekly Goal

Based on my 1 month goal, what's ONE thing I can do this week?

Daily Goal

Based on my 1 week goal, what's ONE thing I can do today?

Right Now

Based on my daily goal, what's ONE thing I can do right now?

After trimming down those intimidating action plans, you have to actually go there and start doing something. Just start.

Once you have finally taken the first step, re-visualize your goals once again. Right now, you are actually daydreaming the life you ever wanted while actually doing the real thing!

Stop making excuses.

Start making your "One Day" mentality into "Day One".

Final Thoughts

The law of attraction tells your brain to focus on things you choose to think consistently. It rewires the subconscious part of you to act based on the thoughts you have inputted in your mind.

If you train your brain into thinking that you are prosperous, you see opportunities and not be overpowered by procrastination and excuses. If you think otherwise, you will subliminally magnet the scarcity and negativity.

Go out there and make more money!

It is important to note though that doing the things physically while visualizing your goals is more powerful than just daydreaming.

You can't just sit all day in front of your vision board, meditate for hours, and wait for the results to show up in front of you.

Before I end this, I want to remind you that there are two wolves in your head. One is positive while the other is negative. They are both hungry, but the one that survives is the one you feed.

So what do you feed often? The prosperity mindset? Or the scarcity mindset?

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