Presearch GET PAID to search the web. Yes for real!!

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2018-06-11 17_19_45-Presearch.png

Why use one search engine when all can be in one place.? Oh and they pay you
Presearch is a simple web-page that will pay you in tokens for your first 32 searches a day.
The toll as showing in above allows you to use search main different ways.
Sure it has Google, and Duck Duck go but there is also Amazon, and Etsy.
For us crypto fans there is etherscan, coindes, blockchain info and more.
All you have to do is press customize and you will see most major sites down there.
Why search for a new story on google when you go right to the source you want?
Why deal with online adds when you can search right on the site you want.

2018-06-11 17_20_06-Presearch seetings.png

Oh ya you get paid in presearch tokens .25 a search up to 8 coins a day right now.

2018-06-11 17_20_53-PresearchRewards.png

They are only worth 15 cents today but hey do you get paid to search today?
I am going to give you my referral link and you will start with 25 tokens if you use it.
But if you want to look into on your own that is fine.

2018-06-11 17_30_57-Presearch (PRE) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics _ CoinMarketCap.png

As a note you can't cash out the coins yet but that is coming soon. On my account it says I can cash out end of June.

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Thanks you for sharing the link. Gonna use it


Cool it is easy. Need more info on what we can do for the tokens but hey free money is free money

with out cash out?? :D
i registered in there only for your sharing, but seems that it wouldn't cash out anytime, actually there are many sites and apps like this today, that undertakes you to pay but in future it wouldn't respond to your request for cash
I wish you success with that


It says that you cash out at end of june. They want you to use it for a little while. Don't sign up just for me cause I don't get anything unless you use it till you have 100 coins. or right now 15 dollars. But don't need to use it for me if you don't like the idea. I just like the idea of getting any free tokens I can then sell and buy more steem.

Let´s try it. Maybe it will work. Thank you for this information. Can you inform us, if you could cash out at end of june? I like it - Restemmed


Yes I will come back and add a update on how the cash out goes. It works now and it has some handy things.

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