Make $1000 right now from an Iphone app called Acorns!

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Acorns, an amazing smartphone app that helps you save and teaches you how to invest in stocks. Anyone can do it, no education on stocks needed for this app!

Acorns is an app where you connect your bank account and you decide how much you want to save. You can either transfer over a certain amount or turn something called round ups on. ROUND UPS: A system that acorns does where it rounds up the spare change you spend. So if you spend $1.74 at Taco Bell. It will take .26 cents out of your bank account and put it in your acorns account!

What acorns does with your money :
Acorns takes the money you put it in and invests in a portfolio of different stocks. It automatically puts in a diversified account that has around 30 different stocks! It does it automatically so you start earning money off stocks by just saving spare change!

Stocks portfolios: in acorns you don’t get to pick the exact stocks your money goes into but you do get to pick the amount of risk you want your money to be going into! You can pick a portfolio where you lose no money because there’s no risk but you earn very little over time. You can pick moderate where you can lose a little but over time you will end up earning a good amount and then there is high risk where you can lose a good amount but you usually end up earning a lot!

Acorns is a great way to save, learn how to invest and is great for any people who just wanna stash away some extra change or any kind of money your willing to save!

They also have a great referral program going on right now! If you sign up with my link and start investing just $5 of your money you automatically get a free $5 in your acorns account! Also once you sign up if you get just people to sign up with your referral link you will get $1000 in your acorns account!!!

Start investing with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use my invite code:

Try it out! It’s worth it!!

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I have done alot of research into acorns and for the most part it is pretty much a failure. People often loose money before they make any and by the time they do most have stopped using the app and would only be making tiny tiny amounts.

I would like to ask about the $1000 bonus however. How does this work exactly?