On Money and Self-Forgiveness

2년 전

Imagine a world where you have to pay interest on the money you borrow to buy the things you require. And that the life you are living isn’t even the one you want.

Thus is the predicament of modern living: a lot of work for something that doesn’t even satisfy at the end of the day.

While this might seem a hopeless situation, it’s actually able to be broken down into two problems. As it turns out, both of them have solutions, which we’ll look at in a minute.

But first, let’s look at the two problems of living in today’s world. First, you have the issue of surviving in a world that values money over human life and thus requires you to almost always do something you don’t want to do to survive, from working a hated job to taking on debt.

The money system was responsible for freeing us from serfdom under the iron grip of ruling families. Sure, we’ll give it that, thanks money!

And it’s also true that this democratization has been pushed even further via technology, so that it’s easier than ever to send and receive money all over the world. This has created unprecedented numbers of financially independent people, in many cases making people better off.

However, to the extent such a thing is even possible, money has not been able to push society over the goal line of achieving zero poverty or anything close to it. Despite the widespread promise of prosperity, for myriad reasons millions remain in deplorable conditions.

Whatever social striation our so-called free market structure (that most of the world “practices”) has created thus far is remarkable for it’s inequality. The well-off have so much while the poor continue to exist in conditions the rest of the population would find unacceptable.

Just as money has revolutionized life on earth, and itself has been revolutionized (from the days of being gold-backed to it's present, largely electronic form) it can be both the cause and the source of a revolution once again. By coming together as a single human society and granting each of us a guaranteed basic income, we could say that we collectively no longer support poverty in this world and just end it. It’s difficult to say how this will affect inequality overall, but at least the most vulnerable of us who can’t participate in the competitive money system aren’t left behind to suffer just because people lack the will or means to deploy already existing, cheap, extremely portable electronic technology and fill up the accounts of people who are in dire need, ensuring the money is spent on necessities for those unable to work.

As for the second problem of living in the world, that the lives we live aren’t on our optimal paths, there is also something that can be done for that. Through self-forgiveness, we can recognize and free ourselves from patterns of self-abuse and self-limitation. We can then apply self-corrective application to change who we are in our worlds and start aligning ourselves more with how we truly want to express ourselves.

The combination of freedom from survival/stress on an economic level, combined with arming ourselves with the tools to transcend our personal limitations, makes for a blueprint for an exciting new world where hopefully we embody more of what we can become at the expense of all the nasty things that can hold us back.

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I definitely agree with you @tylersr. To add, I believe living a simple life is another key. "Contentment is an attitude" reminding us that we should be satisfied with what God has given us. We should always learn how to maximize all our resources so we can avoid debts that causes stress.