The Entity Controlling The Economic System Is Much Larger Than The Fed:Rob Kirby

3년 전

Rob Kirby is the owner and creator of Kirby Analytics, the interview opens with a discussion of globalism.

The discussion continues with the explanation of how gold and silver are suppressed and how cryptos are fast becoming the next currency, the Rob explains that globalism is being dismantled but it is not yet gone. Rob then talks about who is really in control and it is not the Fed. The group that controls the ESF is controlling the country and the world going all the way back to the 1930 when the ESF was first established.

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The shareholders of the F'ed Reserve are the world elite, which is shorthand for what I really call them, inbred rich cocksuckers (pardon my French) that crave world domination... They can have a bad day and ruin a nation's economy, or finance both sides of a conflict that could have been settled diplomatically just for SPORT! Kinda like the Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd movie, Trading Places but a million times more sinister, with higher stakes!

I've always wondered though if the intention is to force many into crypto's and keep metals cheap to be bought up and hoarded by the manipulators until there are no more to be had.

Wait JP Morgan got into the natural gas market and collapsed it. They got into the silver market and collapsed it. Don't they have a patent for cryptocurrency? Which market will they collapse next? And you recently covered Goldman Sachs creating SETLcoin. The phrase "competition is a sin" comes to mind. I don't think the big banks like competitors.

How does the "Plunge Protection Team" (PPT, which is a nickname given to the Working Group on Financial Markets) relate to the ESF?


Yes, I was asking myself the same question.

Once again, Obama should be tried as well as many politicians that have created a very dangerous and chaotic country, undermining the welfare of the American citizens to push what they believe we need instead of what we the people say we want.
Another case of we know what's better for you than you know.
But the real development is the one where they have manipulated the minds of so many and are in control of their minds, and these people don't even realize it.

Thank you for these EXCELLENT Spotlight interviews. This week's and last week's reports just blew me away! I wish I could upvote you 100 times!!!


Does any one notice that the video from X22 Reports seem to stop and buffer during the playback??? I watch all kinds of video on YouTube as well as Netflix and other streaming services and I NEVER seem to have a problem. Only this channel, only these reports.

Perhaps you are making enemies in all the right places????

They all want way to further control for god sake leave something to the people... Great post tho

We're DOOMED!!!!! We to jump in our space ships and get off this rock...... We'll take our silver with us....

Great and concret post @x22report! It´s good to know more about how this system works from its roots... I recommend you to check out to John McMurtry, maybe it will be uselful for u :D

I think that the entity controling the economic system is much more deep and much more dark. By the means of money, it tryes to control the human society as a hole. All this wars, and all this war popaganda, are for impossing this control . And those who are not under its control are the enemies. Russia, Syria, Iran, christians, and so on.

Well, for me cryptocurrency is cool, because it retains the positive elements of the gold standard (only a limited amount available, countries can’t just increase the amount of cryptocurrency to try and artificially stimulate the economy). Also, at the same time, the big ones like bitcoin are becoming more and more liquid.

Then, think about how hard it is to steal – almost impossible unless more than half of bitcoin owners are in on it, I am led to believe. But with the new cryptocurrencies its probably impossible.

Yeah its crazy how these entites like federal reserve can just be private banks, everyone knows its wrong and yet they let it hapen, when peopel start making momey they get really complacent but bitcoin and cryp[to p[eopel are ACTIVE and so for first time in history a massive and FAIR a decentralized COMPLETELY NATURAL transfer of wealth is occurring making a whole generation of smart people rich...the smart tech savvy bitcoin people who are gonna get rich of crypto theyre all going to be changing the world for the better

if cool p[eople like us made up all the worlds investors, we would be giving all our money to cool people like Elon Musk for tesla motors and spacex and coloniizng mars and the moon and we would have low earth orbiot economy going

we would throw moneyt at stuff that is just COOL we would INSPIRE the world

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