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Economic enslavement or wage enslavement means directly relying on wages in order to survive. Although people in history have had to work hard, we now live in a culture in which we are considered to have economic freedom, and most citizens do not know, in fact we are enslaved.

Because money is created through loans, it means that it is created through debt. Money equals debt and debt equals money. So the more money, the more debt, and vice versa. This means that if the government and citizens of each debt are able to repay these loans, then there will be no single dollar circulation.

Interest also plays an important role in this equation. When you take out a loan and the money given to you by the bank does not exist technically, they also want you to pay extra interest. If the loan comes from the Federal Reserve, where should the interest be obtained?

The answer is nowhere.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines consumerism as: Believe that people can spend a lot of money on goods and services. At some point, this belief may be true, but with the current capitalist system and cost of living, consumerism has begun to have a negative impact on our society, especially when you consider inflation and increasing Debt. The more we buy, the more we provide food for the company and the bank, which in turn pushes us into economic enslavement.

Many of my friends, especially the ones that are successful in this monetary system have this blind faith in the government and the system. Yes I get that I will never beat the system, but I see through them and I have no love for them. What I am working towards is being in a better position so I do not have to be stuck in the rat race generating tax dollars to keep the elite rich with my blood and sweat. And I guess be in a position where a passive income generates more tax dollars that most others to keep them happy and leave me alone.

Anyone have any views on this touchy subject?

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100 % right 💯✔


How about a resteem then ;)

O sad but true but I am on that little wheel going around and around - but a girl has to eat hahaha


Yes it is sad. I am also as most others. I wrote about these issues in a few more articles. Check out my blog @yoda1917.

Also any chance of a resteem?