FREE SBD December 2

4년 전

Dear Friends,

I give you Rewards to those who have Voted Power enough this post or resteemed and Voted Power enough with 100%, according to the below requirements:

  • 3 rewards for those who upvoted at least 25,000,000,000 rshares;
  • 2 rewards for those who upvoted at least 10,000,000,000 rshares;
  • 1 reward for those who upvoted at least 4,000,000,000 rshares;

Who Voted Power with 100% and has more than 2,000,000,000 rshares but less than 4,000,000,000 rshares they must Resteemed this post to receive 1 reward and let me know by the comment below.

  • 1 reward = 100% of SBD made by this post after 7 days, divided equally to All who have Voted Power enough (or resteemed and Voted Power enough with 100%) this post Proportionally to the Voted Power of each.

If your 100% vote has less than 2,000,000,000 rshares, you can Resteemed this post and your Comments below (by which you let me know you have done that) will receive a 100% vote from me.

You can see vote details and rshares for this post here :
(note: upvote like does't participate in moneymakefree posts)

image source :

I paid 1-2-3 rewards to every person who have Upvoted enough (or Resteemed that post and upvoted 100%) according to the requirements of:

List of all :

@honolulu = > 1 reward
@ahhjoeinhk = > 2 rewards
@joanawatts = > 1 reward
@jiminykricket = > 2 rewards
@bitshares101 = > 2 rewards
@jmcgready = > 2 rewards
@gotgame = > 1 reward
@bigdave2250 = > 3 rewards
@greatwolf = > 1 reward
@todderic = > 1 reward
@lazarescu.irinel = > 1 reward

Thank you for your upvote and resteemed.

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upvote and resteemed

upvote and resteemed

upvoted 100% and resteemed

Upvoted 100% and resteemed

  ·  4년 전

upvoted 100% and resteemed

upvoted and resteemed, thank you!

upvoted, followed, resteemed

No clue what you are talking about but I like freesteem and the gif.