Monochrome Monday and The Weird is Good Art Contest !!


Last week my good friend @bkkshadow called me up and asked me if i wanted to go for a walk with him , he wanted to show me some weird parts of Bangkok because he has been living here for a few years he knew the right areas to take me to see this weird art , sculptures and nice street graffiti.




We met at the Saphan Taskin Station which is the stop were the Sathorn Pier is and the Chao Phraya River of Bangkok from there we walked along to the main road called Charoen Krung Road and if you walk along this road there are many little streets that branch of this road.




Walking along Charoen Krung Road we enter a few small alleyways and saw lots of awesome graffiti art work but the most amazing and weirdest thing i have even seen was this huge metal alien dragon i think would be my description.




This tall huge alien dragon was built and sitting upright in the middle of these cross roads acting as a roundabout for the traffic i was just looking at it in amaze for someone to even have such a imagination to come up with something like this he must have been on some serious drugs when he came up with this contraption but i loved it absolutely brilliant.




This contraption was definitely engineered not only to look scary and weird but to act also as a street lamp post along the spine of this alien dragon are wheel bearing and attached to these wheel bearing is a number of dessert metal spoons which rotate around with the wind motion thus lighting up the light bulbs in dragons head.




It's got to be the weirdest thing i have seen ever but so well done with lots of kitchen ware appliances used and indeed lots of mechanical parts also like hubcaps ,clutch flywheels , bearing shafts , wheel bearing , gear box shafts and the list goes on no waste here.




Well seeing this really made my day i was left speechless that someone could even come up with something so weird yet so useful and everything used is recyclable and very low maintenance apart from changing a couple of bulbs and a bit of oil in the wheel bearing.



This contraption which i named "The Mechanical Alien Dragon" can be found on Soi 28 or Street 28 that is one of the streets that branches off the main road called Charoen Krung Road in Sathorn walk down Soi 28 less then 1 km till you come to the roundabout.


Thank you to @the-guy-photos for hosting #momochromemonday



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Thank you so much for your support very much appreciated @travelfeed :)

Hello my friend, can you contact me on Discord? erikah#8879


I will be home in about 30 minutes and i will contact you my friend :)

Very cool!

I love this sculpture.

It made me smile to see so much of it created from kitchen ware. :)

It's really fantastic !


It certainly blow me out and put a smile on my face also just to see what funny things people come up with , truly fascinating :)