Kitty-licious! It's Miss Kitty to you!!!


A kitty with an attitude... or Cattitude, if you like!
With a capital 'C' too!

Now, which kitty do you know that doesn't have cattitude anyways....

I've known Miss Kitty here for awhile... since she was a teen actually...
She's one of the downstairs neighbour's... and just had a litter of three kittens!
...and now she struts around the neighbourhood, with boyfriends in tow!

Yup, boyfriendssss... You read it right!

That's a story for another day (I think..); today, we are just capturing Miss Kitty
(since I was privileged to have a private photo session with her)

Ahem... let's proceed, shall we...


Ok, I wasn't very fair to her
She is a darling...
Very sweet-natured, friendly and loves cuddles, pets, chin and head scratches
However, here, I seem to have caught her at her catty-best!
Cattitude, remember...


Miss Kitty looking pensive...


I just couldn't miss posting her in colour
She's lovely, isn't she?!!
Clear green eyes, lovely mixed shades in her coat
Love her colour!
Although she seems to be lighter now as she's older...


Her coat is the softest too!
You can see it, right...?!
It was quite tough getting her in focus as she kept running up to me, rubbing against my hands or legs
Told you she's friendly
Anyway, just to let you know, a ton of photos produced these... lol

Happy Caturday, all kitties and kitty fans!!

~ ~ 😽💕🐾 ~ ~

Been awhile since I posted
Everything seems a little different
Well, apologies if I'm making any mistakes here
Tagging seems a lil messed up to me now
Hives, communities...
I'll catch up sometime... soon...

Captured with SONY Xperia M5 | © image & text original content | click image for full screen view
Posting this for #monomad by #monochromes ~ original ideas by @brumest

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She's a lovely looking cat... even if she looks a little apprehensive about the whole photo shoot thing!

Happy Caturday!

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Oh ack CHOO! (bless you! are you allergic to cats? ha ha)

I've missed seeing you around.
And yes lots of things have
I wasn't accustomed to the way they were after the last HF, and
now this madness.
Did you know, that almost always a cat with more than
two colors is female?
1 in 1,000 of such will be male, and when found the
wise take care of them.
The breeders are looking to create and actual
Calico Breed of cat, but with only females, it can't be done.
This is rather dated information, there may be a
breed such as this already in the works, but still a
male tricolor would be valuable.
Good to see you again @ackhoo,
I hope you won't stay away too long.

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She is a good looking cat - yes cats do mate with more than one and can have litters from different fathers :)

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