Monomad Photographic Contest: Macro

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Macro must be something big. Which initially may have been small but closer to us the impression is large, in detail. Special lenses can turn trivial insects into real SF movie monsters.

I have no special photography lenses for macro photography. I'm not even a big fan. I'm trying to zoom in ... to get as close as I can.

Life can be black and white, isn't it? It's a strange sensation. We can wear some special glasses and see everything in black and white. I think it would be an interesting experience. We could choose one day a week to clear the colors. Everything will be monochrome only the dreams may become color!

I have chosen #monomad for two reasons: because it encourages me to post as often as possible and because it pushes my creativity. It's often difficult to choose, as in any contest, the best option. It's subjective and it depends on our state at that moment!

This is my entry for the #monomad contest: Some details from the paintings of my friend Rodica Toth Poiata.


I find it difficult to choose ... I like to have more variants.



Something from nature, portions of plants and flowers.



You can try this contest, bring a lot of joy if you love the photo, the black and white photo and love to look for hidden beauty and meaning. Here are all the details of the participation: MONOMAD

(The daily topics are not mandatory anymore, but I'll leave them here in case you guys need some extra inspiration for any particular day)
Monday - Macro
Tuesday - Street
Wednesday - Abstract
Thursday - Animals
Friday - Flowers
Saturday - Silhouettes
Sunday - Skies

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Beautiful monochrome’s, @bluemoon. What a nice thing to do to promote your artist friend’s work!

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Thank you!

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Thank you, Denise!

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Thank you!

Very artistic! Great choices!


Thank you!

Lovely art by your friend. The plants look great in black n’white.

Good luck in the Macro contest.


Thank you! My friend (is a lady) is a great artist, I will present an exhibition of her.

Those are some wonderful photos. I like the art work of your friend.
You can invite your friend in steem.! 🙂

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Thank you! I'm glad because you like my friend's work. My friend is one of the best contemporary painters in Romania and is only interested in painting.

Beautiful captures, @bluemoon! And I agree with @jayna - wicked nice of you to showcase your friend's work. All of the photos are wonderful, but I especially like the shadows and texture of the last one. 😊


Thank you! My friend is an important painter from Romania, I will soon make a post about her exhibition. I'm honored by her friendship ... now I must admit that we haven't seen each other for almost two years.

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These are just beautiful.

Those are some lovely paintings from your friend there and monochrome pictures do seem to add another aspect to it all. It's like a more magic world that we don't see normally! Not sure I can do the black and white glasses though 😁

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Oh, an interesting idea! Black and white glasses ... to see another possible world.

Hey @bluemoon

Great mono shots. You do take a good monochrome picture, like the last lot for the contest.

I really like that artwork too.

Good luck.


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Thank you very much!

Those photographs give a whole new perspective to your friend's artwork @bluemoon. For me, I particularly love the sunflower. Great work.


Thank you! Sunflower is always a winner.

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Thank you for this help and encouragement!

I also do not have a specific lens for macro. I only use a macro extension tube which is very cheap and worth a look. Gorgeous artwork by your friend by the way.

Really cool pictures, love the shadows created with the monochromatic effects. Your subjects seem more mysterious, as if they have been around for a long time :)


Thanks for your pertinent opinion, it helps me!

really nice photos! Makes me want to get a camera instead of using my android, which does very little. I sure can't make anything macro. Your grammar is excellent BTW. I would never have know it is not your first language if you hadn't told us.


Oh, thank you, @owasco! This really gives me great pleasure (reference to grammar). I didn't expect it, thank you! Sorry for late reply.

That painting from Poiata is fabulous, thank you for the close-ups @bluemoon 👍 I really enjoy monochrome photography because I get to add the colors in my head.

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This is nice to add the colors, it's interesting to see what you see. Thank you!

Life sometimes just is nicer in b&w


Yes, that's what I want to discover now.

Black and white continues to be my favourite for photography, both for the artwork and the plants. Nice!


Thank you! I'm a fan too now.

That artwork is stunning! I always enjoy your monomad, but would love to see more of her art, as well. :)


Thank you, it's a pleasure for me to hear that. I have to find time to post about her painting. I apologize for the late response.

I like how you show close ups of something different, something we wouldn't think about capturing

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Thank you, your opinion is important to me!

That could be interesting to see things in B & W and then go back to color. I think it could help you appreciate all the beautiful colors in our world!
Lovely paintings and photos!
Thanks for sharing!


My pleasure! Thank you for the appreciations.

@bluemoon - lovely photos of the artwork, I love those monochrome representations. I would like to see the original in color, I bet it's beautiful too. And of course, your macro flowers are very good too.


Thank you! Indeed, the color variant is appealing.

Bravo! I like the mono effect on the painting. It is a very distinct painting, but. the lack of color gives it a whole new level of interesting. It definitely looks almost primitive in one of your shots.

Most excellent use of your lens and your view.

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Thank you, Denise. Late reply, sorry!

Lovely photography black and white always brings a lot of detail to the fore @bluemoon


Thank you! Yes, the details are easier to see.