Monomad Monday Macros - Sunflowers at Notre Dame

2년 전

I took these shots of sunflowers on the grounds of NotreDame Cathedral in Paris this past summer. The bee posed nicely for me in the first shot.



I took both photos with my Sony A7ii with the 28-70mm kit lens. I obviously had to crop the originals to get these “macro” photos. I hope you like my edits. Someday I’ll invest in a real macro lens.

#MONOMAD challenge hosted by @brumest

Monday - Macro
Tuesday - Street
Wednesday - Abstract
Thursday - Animals
Friday - Flowers
Saturday - Silhouettes
Sunday - Skies

Happy Monday!


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What great shots I love you focused on portions of the flower highlighting the cool details


Thanks. I am pleased with how the crops turned out.


You should be they are great :)