Monomad Challenge - Focus.


Can you see it clearly now?


Looking out through the hotel window while it was raining. Splashes of raindrops slowly crawling up the window from the outside.

While focusing the raindrops, you can't see the building clearly and vice versa. Just like life, while focusing on one thing, we seem to forget other things which are right in front of us as well.

We just need to be aware what is it that is blurry in our life and refocus our mind and body to it again.

I am trying to find the focus in my life, been lost for too long, hoping to find my way back...


Photo was taken with my Canon EOS 550D camera. This is my entry for the #monomad challenge by @brumest and @monochromes. To know more, here is the contest details.

Thank you for viewing, and see you all soon in my next post.

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Thank you my dear @amico!


Thank you!

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Thank you!

Very nice shot, darling! Thanks for your support! Do you make self-portraits too?


Self-portrait is not my strong point, so not really.


I have a contest going on. I thought you might be interested. Nevermind. ☺

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Thanks! If I ever taken one I will check out your contest.

A cool shot to go with your thoughts sometimes finding the right focus for one slip eis a real challenge


I get what you mean. 😁

Hah! I love taking shots of raindrops and just did some a few days ago too - not posted yet... soon! ;)


Can't wait to see yours! 😁

@joelai - so true - focus too much one thing and you lose focus on something else. I hope you find your way back to the best focus for you! And I love the photo.


Thank you so much @blueeyes8960.

Ah yes. Just like teenage love when the girl seems to be too infatuated with someone. Fails to see that her true love is just right in front of her. Hahha I do not know where that came from lol.


Hmm... Seems like an old wound or something @watersnake101... Hehehehe

hello we are all a bit lost
I love the rain we have a lot.
water drops on the glass and warm at home is a beautiful picture
Happy day


Thank you very much for your thoughts @txatxy!

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Thank you.