📷 Monomad Thursday Animals- "Cute Ducks "📷

3년 전

Hello dear Steemians

Animals At  The River 

Here is my entry for the monomad animals challenge by @brumest.  

Panasonic DMC-LX 100  edited in b&w 

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Very sweet!

These animals are elegant. The black and white photo looks great.

wonderful shots .

Die rechte Ente erzählt der linken gerade etwas und die Linke denkst sich nur so:"Dude, what the fuck? Lass mich gefälligst in Ruhe watscheln!"

my stepdad and mum will apprecciate it ! @silviabeneforti @paolobeneforti they love ducks!

Adorable ducks and black and white makes it look timeless thanks so much


Adorable ducks
And black and white makes it look
Timeless thanks so much

                 - enjoywithtroy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

heute mal Tiere?! Mindestens genau so toll wie die Blumenbilder!

It seems like heavy and dark carboon sketch art, excellent photography.

These ducks look very cheerful! I love watching ducks very much!

Wow very wonderful nature photography friend. I like it your great full post. thank you so much my best friend.

These ducks are very cute, good luck with your entrance.

Such a beautiful cute duck :)

Great entry to the challenge ... The ducks are flirtatious.

Very beautiful photography, I like that. black and white photos full of beautiful duck charms. I've shared your post. Thank you for sharing.

Beautyfull photography...keep shered like this wonderful photographs☺️

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What a nice friend photo, the black and white photos are the best

They sure are having some great time :)

  ·  3년 전


Cool shot in the monochrome colors great one :)

These ducks are looks so cute,, I think it may be kind of camble ducks,, Really nice black&white edit photography.

Thanks for your votes dear Guru! Just now " Cute Ducks" upvoted...resteemed! Happy August! @lichtblick

perfect entry for contest...I love duck bird.

amazing natural photography.

So cute and fluffy !! How do you get to know about these challenges

someone is dissatisfied with the catwalk

Duck is relaxing outside the river. Nice take @lichtblick