📷 Monomad Wednesday Abstract- "Abstract Art In Treptower Park III " 📷

2년 전

Hello dear Steemians

More Art From The Park

Here is my entry for the monomad abstract challenge by @brumest.  

This sculpture has no name or artist brand.


Panasonic DMC-LX 100 edited in b&w  

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Really unique one. Great photography.

Das hat was - pinne ich zu mir...

Obviously the stomach and breast of a woman are visible. And it has two large pieces of stone at the top of bottom as bookmarks. I wonder what the large pieces of stone were to implicate when it was sculptured. Meanings. Thanks @lichtblick

Always love your monomads the most bro!

Beautiful abstract and photo too, the artist has the true creativity!

Such a beautiful art " and lovely hand art "
Really your photography awesome "
Thank you for sharing with us

Wow wonderful b&w Photography.
Thanks @lichtblick
Have a great day

Wonderful art and very nice photography
Thanks for share this post

Wow! What a beautiful photography " I love yourpost : thanks for the share

Amazing photography and very nice art
I love your all posts " thank you for sharing with us

Such a great art " Really awesome photography
All pictures looking beautiful " thanks for share

Gleich bei deinem Bild im Feed hängengeblieben:-) und gleich eine Frage: Ich seh Brüste? Ihr auch oder ist das nur meine Wahrnehmung?


Könnte gut möglich sein.


😅😅 dann bin ich ja beruhigt😅😅😅😅

The statue has a high artistic value.I love that statue.thanks

how dear, I am amazed with your amazing black and white picture, hopefully your day is fun and always successful yes, i will always support you because i want to succeed like your dear.
I will upvote and restem

Hey, @lichtblick Really great work my dear friend and I am glad to seen your daily post .many many thanks for sharing with us your interesting post.

Such a beautiful art " and lovely hand art..
Really your photography awesome..

Excellent photography and great work.
100% like and resteem

Wow wonderful photography
Thank you

Hat irgendwie eine Ähnlichkeit zu Venus von Willendorf

Surprising photo! thanks for share it.

Lovely cultural sculpture

incredible shots in monochrome colours simply so nice : )

I think, that everyone will see something special in this sculpture, for example, a human figure, an animal or a pile of stones... Thanks for sharing!