Partial self portraits 01 | Monomad Challenge


Hello friends of Steemit <3 I hope you're starting your weekend alright :)

Today, I want to share a couple pictures I took a while ago while doing some studies on self portraits.

Also, given the fact these are black and white I want them to be my new entry for the #monomad challenge by @monochromes.

I wanted to start a self portrait series on the parts of me that I like. It's kind of a challenge I also gave myself, which is supposed to force me to find the nice parts about my appearance and embrace them.

I started with my mouth. Mole, lips, tongue, teeth.

Click to see in full size!

It's natural for me to feel confident about my lips, I've always liked them and they're the part of my face I like the most. My teeth aren't perfect, and I'm really okay with that, but I have to admit I was very ashamed of them in the past, so I often avoided smiling.

I think the "beauty mark" over my mouth makes me look cute and it also is a big part of me, I think it's one of my characteristics and I'd never like to remove it; I mean, Marilyn Monroe had one too!

Also, something I love about myself is my tongue because it allows me to communicate with my voice, I stick it out when I'm goofing around, I perceive amazing flavors and textures with it... But ultimately I really appreciate it because it's an instrument I'll forever use to be heard.

Click to see in full size!

It's hard a little hard for me to actually put onto words why I like this and that about myself, or why I think this or that is special, because I've always been a very self concious person. Anywho, it's a small personal challenge I'm trying to achieve at my own pace.

Also, if there's a lack of words, hey, that's what pictures are for, right? :)

Taken by @mariacaffrey, using Nikon D3400 and AF Nikkor 18-35mm, with F4.5, ISO 12800, 1/50s.


Images above belong to me; all rights reserved

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nice ones, Maria!


Thank you so so much!❤️❤️

  ·  작년

Nice photographs @mariacaffrey.

Thank you so much my dearest @mllg 🌝

  ·  작년

You're welcome, @mariacaffrey

That is a really cool idea! I'm afraid if I tried this I would just get a bunch of blur (not to mention a bunch of beard!). Keep up the cool posts!


Thank you very much for your kind comment!❤️ And well I think if you did that and in the end got a lot of beard that'd be terrific seeing it from a self appreciation point of view, because I bet you love your cool beard very much :)


I do love my beard! Although it's not so cool in the Florida summers 😛. Maybe I will try this out and see what I get.


Hahaha that'd be awesome! Self appreciation is important, even if we try it by bits. And well, if the Florida summers are a part of it, you gotta embrace it 🔥

  ·  작년

Paso por aquí a darte mi apoyo!!


Muchas gracias! ❤️❤️

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