His name is GIRIS (my entry for #monomad challenge, +Deranged BW contest)


Giris (a.k.a. Giriu Lapis) is Bishon Havanese.

{This is Deranged Photography Contest entry , BW theme, tier -Amateur. and MONOMAD challenge too}

Giris is our fantastic family member.
He becomes 10 years old on October 15, 2019.


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Such an adorable shot lovely entry in that !

he looks happy , i think he posing for photo ??

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More likely - asking me "what do you do here?"

Thanks for the tip.

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Great photo! Cute dog.

Beautiful dog. We've got a Russian tsvetnaya bolonka, Ninnu:


She's our little princess... (but she disagrees and claims she's Chewbacca.)