Monthly Author Challenge - Decent Dim Sum Around My Neighbourhood?

4년 전

It's no surprise that I am a fan of dim sum or food for that matter if you follow my blog ;)

I decided to give my neighbourhood dim sum stall a try and it was decent and considering the distance I need to drive to the better stalls, I think it's actually not too bad.


3 pieces of siew mai dm sum for only Singapore$1.70, about US$1.30.


Pork ribs in black bean sauce also a mere Singapore$1.70, about US$1.30.


Braised chicken feet for Singapore$2, about US$1.50.

This dim sum stall will be a great fix for that dim sum craving from now on :) Being only 5 minutes from my house is a great bonus or sin, depending on how you think about it ;)

We are all on a journey, remember to enjoy the sights and sounds along the way, and do good as often as you can and as much as possible.



Here's a few more from that little voice in my pea-brain head ;)

Here are some useful apps and resources that I use to keep track of my progress on steemit.
My favorite is and you will soon find out why ;)

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