Monthly Author Challenge - Korean Barbecue!!!

4년 전

I'm sure Korean BBQ is available everywhere and you can find it almost everywhere here in Singapore or at least one is not far from wherever you are in Singapore.

But most are not authentic and what I meant by authentic is that they are not exactly Korean or prepared by Koreans.

Is there a difference? I think yes.

I found an authentic Korean BBQ owned, prepared and served by Koreans along Katong in Singapore. It had a crowd but not really packed like most and I'm guessing that the reason is because it's newly opened.


Stone BBQ, that is pretty Korean to me :)

Besides meat and seafood for BBQ, they also served cooked food.


Gan Jang chicken that was not only the tastiest I had but also juicy and not over-cooked like most.


Korean pancake or Pa Jeon.

Final verdict: I will be back really soon :)

We are all on a journey, remember to enjoy the sights and sounds along the way, and do good as often as you can and as much as possible.



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