🦋Steemit MAC Sept 2018-Day 10. 🦋Orange childhood memories! 🦋

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Hello friends!

I am back in Berlin after the Latvian holidays and continue my blog with MonthlyAuthorChallenge by @future24.
Orange berries of sea-buckthorn, like the sunny greetings of autumn. They look so bright and tempting, but do not think that you will truly enjoy it when you decide to taste it! The taste of fresh sea buckthorn is to be liked only by a rare gourmet, but I am one of them.
In childhood I was seen thickets of sea-buckthorn in the garden of my aunt and she was absolutely confident that the healing properties of this berry are limitless!
She cooked a puree of fresh sea-buckthorn with honey, which was stored until someone from the family showed signs of flu. I was sick quite often and my mother added a few spoons of this mashed to my drink.
But in Latvia I daily prepared such a drink just for the sake of pleasure. Guess what happened to these berries from my photo?

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In our blog a funny contest was launched, which I came up with to entertain my friends. We come up with names for my original images and together we choose the best of them. The total prize fund of the contest is 20 sbd. 10 sbd for the author of the best title and another 10 sbd for the luckiest member of the jury. The jury is only the contestants.
Details about the contest look for in the previous post

⚠️ I want to thank all those who are already participating in the competition and remind that it's time to make your choice of the best title and try your luck in the lottery.

By Happy! I'll be back very soon. See you!


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photography skills

Very beautiful photos @creadordelfuturo and have a very amazing view of the sea-buckthorn!


Thank you honey 😍😘😗😙😚🤗

Berlin is a very beautiful city indeed
I really love painting fruits
Professional photography very well, my friend
You are a really successful person


Thank you dear 😚😙😍😗😘🤗🤗

Wow really beautiful photos @creadordelfuturo ...! 👌👌👌

Berlin is better than most people think, but you must find the right places there.

It's sad so much people just talk about places like Neuköln, Alexanderplatz and so on, what's the reason because I thought bad too about this city some years ago, before I've got to know another side of our capital.

Beautiful photography.... upvoted and followed.

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Excellent photos, my friend and berries of sea-buckthorn look just amazing! Thank you @creadordelfuturo

I have never tried these berries, what if it has a fascinating color.
Good thing you could take this juice remembering the years of your childhood.

OMG! 😋 These looks so tasty, @creadordelfuturo are you using #discord? I have something to talk with you.. 🙏


I'm using this. The name is the same!

Guess what happened to these berries from my photo?

Insurance, they turned into puree!
I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest

Very juicy berries dear . Nice photography

Its sure you would have plucked it and use for making yumm berry juice

oh to juicy and wonderful colors...testy & yummy ❤😊❤ Looks wonderful. making me hungry, too! A fantastic presentation! also thanks for your support 👩

No wonder they do look really great ;)

You sure had some great time in Latvia that goes without saying ;)

That's some great yummy shots hahah looking great one :D

If you have more beautiful pictures, then only me will vote for me

Beautiful memories friend..
Awesome article..

Very nice pics of yummy juicy fruit berry .

Yummy 😍