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3년 전

Hello friends!

I'm in Berlin and continue my blog with MonthlyAuthorChallenge by @future24.
This shot I took in the botanical garden of Berlin in August! In this image there is nothing special - it's just a stream and some vegetation. But the green spectrum of plants in combination with wet stones look so soothing!

⚠️Be sure to click on the images to view full screen!


In our blog a funny contest was launched, which I came up with to entertain my friends. We come up with names for my original images and together we choose the best of them. The total prize fund of the contest is 20 sbd. 10 sbd for the author of the best title and another 10 sbd for the luckiest member of the jury. The jury is only the contestants.
Details about the contest look for in the previous post

⚠️ I want to thank all those who are already participating in the competition and remind that it's time to make your choice of the best title and try your luck in the lottery.

By Happy! I'll be back very soon. See you!


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Thank you dear! You can already make your choice!

Beautiful capture in lap of nature .


Thank you for support, darling! You can already make your choice! 😍😘😗😙😚🤗🤗

Wow! So beautiful and wonderful photography my dear sis. @creadordelfuturo. I really missed you a lot sis. 😍💙💙
Actually, my phone was got hanged so I gave it for reparing. Yesterday, it was came but I couldn't access my notification but I remember you sent me a beautiful picture of ( Ganesha). I really loved that picture. I also shown that picture to my mother and she send you blessings!🤗💚💙💜❤

Amazing nature! Very nice shot my friend.

Nice pic dear and take care of your son .

That's so cool ever green place to relax our mind. Seriously brilliant photography collection you upload @creadordelfuturo.

Los colores verdes saturados son muy gratificantes para el alma. Buen Trabajo

Super cool shot from the botanical garden it came stunning

Outstanding ColorChallenge photography. Really awesome.

There is no comparison of God's creation. Awesome photography. This photography enhances the beauty of nature. I liked the photography.

Wow ... incredible photography

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