What Would YOU Do if Someone Sent You Some Cryptos By Mistake?

3년 전

Would you send them back? What if it was an exchange? What if you knew that they would not find out?


It Really Happened!

One of my friends is using a new crypto exchange. He bought some NEO in the last dip. Then he requested to withdraw them. The exchange sent him the amount he withdrew two times by mistake. For example, he requested to withdraw 10 NEO coins, but he received two 10-NEO transfers. His account in the exchange was charged 10 NEOs only!

So, What Should He Do?

Some days have past by now. The exchange, busy with millions of customers, did not notice anything. He could simply take the money as free money. But, is it really free? If you were in his shoes, What would you do?

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Honestly send it back, its almost as bad as those people who post on fake twitter accounts.

Earn your crypto honestly, or enjoy the sour taste if you make it dis honestly


Thank you for your decent advice, @crypto3em3.

That is exactly what I told my friend. He actually sent an email to the exchange support. Interestingly, they seem to be too busy to answer it!

how can you tell where it came from to send it back?


I asked my friend the same question: How do you know it is the exchange that sent you the money?
He said: Simple. It is the same address!

You need to alert them of this situation, it may be happening more often then we may think. Maybe depending on the exchange it could have been an activity bonus?


Maybe depending on the exchange it could have been an activity bonus?

I don't think so. The exact amount sent twice says it is not a bonus. Plus, they sent no email about it to him.
And most importantly, his records inside the exchange does not show the extra transfer! It is definitely a mistake.


Well I would alert them, something like that could be the end of the exchange. As to giving back, alert as a third party for internal review purposes. They messed up and unless they put some lean on his account which if you only say you know it has happened it should all be good.

I really don't know what i do... maybe first look i keep it to me. But them i send to the exchange an e-mail explain the situation, and what i should do.