Copy and convert a VMware virtual machine#Part 1

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Part: 1

I. Presentation

II. Required software

III. Adding a server in Fast SCP

Part: 2

IV. Copy of the entire virtual machine

A. Scheduled Copy Task Method:

B. Direct copy method

V. Verification of the copy (optional)

VI. Converting the virtual hard disk to the VHD format


I. Presentation

We will see how to convert a virtual machine from an ESX host with a VMDK format disk to VHD format. This is thanks to the conversion software V2V Starwind Image Converter.

II. Required software

  • VMWare ESX.
  • Veeam Backup and Fast SCP (to be installed on the Windows client).
  • StarWind V2V Image Converter. (to install on the Windows client).

III. Adding a server in Fast SCP

  • Click on the icon provided for this purpose.

  • Select "ESX or ESXi Host" in the first step.

  • Enter the username and password of an ESX server administrator, by default this corresponds to the user: root.

  • Then check "Connect when I click Finish" and click on "Finish". This will allow an automatic connection to the server after the end of the add.

  • The server appears in the list:

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