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I have send you 0.100sbd 6 hours ago from now you won't upvote my post. Please refund It

i need vot without your comment


the morwhale team vote now without comment , thanks @jahangirwifii

I just sent you 0.1sbd, only got upvote worth $0.01,what happened?

i send 0.010 4 hours now but not yet received any 30 upvote ?

I don't have any problem and I don't have any suggestion,mr morwhale kindly vist my blog your logo


Thanks @chidimma , you are welcome


Mr morwhale ,plz I beg you in the name of God don't flag me plzzzzz

I have already translated 0.100 SBD, but I have not received an upvote or a return.
Voted only 2 accounts

  • morwhalebonus 10% ≈ 0.00$
  • morwhaleplus 10% ≈ 0.00$

I ask to return tokens.

hey i send you 0.010sbd .. but you don't upvote .. why ?

I just sent you 0.010 sdb to test your bot, I am doing several tests of bot to verify the most serious and reliable.
I have just been voting by multiple accounts for a total of 0.00
A bot is profitable when it exceeds x2.25
So for a 0.010 send a gain of 0.025, we are very far from this profitability.
Is it a voting error?


Please read the description and the last update , thanks


Explain in your update that the votes are low.
But you should clearly give examples of voting.
For 0.010 sdb sent how much can you hope to win?
As a result we do not see any gain and, when I look at the user comments, many explain that they have never been voted or refunded.
Thank you for clarifying the use of your bot to promote you or not.
At this time only two bots are really profitable on my last test (I do not test the bidbot which are scams), only the automatic manual bot without auction.

Where are my upvotes?

I do not understand your bot I send 0.010 but I do not even earn a vote even in x2.
Is it an error on your part or is your bot not profitable?
We should at least get x2.25
I saw on your update that you currently vote low, but the vote must still be possitive compared to the send otherwise it is simply a scam.
Can you explain to me please.

thank you