@Morwhale are sorry , and made new change for you !

2년 전

morwhale update.png

In order not to stop the service of @morale, we will smooth the voting service of the team. at a very low price. all the team will vote for your posts without @morwhale.

  • All the team will vote 15% for 0.010 SBD or STEEM.
  • All extra-transfert will be consecrated as a donation
  • Only posts that have received less than 4 votes will be refunded.

The service will be launched today at 00:00 GMT.

All transfers preceding these two days will be refunded by order and the list will be stopped today at 00:00 GMT.

Thankyou my dear followers.

Pour ne pas arrêter le service de @morale, nous allons lissez le service de vote du team. a un prix tres bas. tous le -

  • Le team votera pour vous postes sans @morwhale.
  • Tous le team votera a 15% pour 0.010 SBD or STEEM.
  • Tous l'extratransfert sera consederai comme une donnation
  • Seulement les posts qui ont recu moins de 4 votes seront remboursséés.

Le service sera lancé a today a 00:00 GMT

Tous transferts precedant ces deux jours seront rembourssé par ordre et la liste sera arrété aujourd'hui a 00:00 GMT

Un gand merci à mes abonnées.

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I have not receive any upvote or refund from you since yesterday

i sent 0.01sbd for https://steemit.com/dmania/@macko/sixth-world-zg1hbmlh-y7nq3.
since yesterday and have not recieved upvote or refund

dear morwhale! I did not receive the refund....please check it.....
thank you!

Dear morwhale,
I just want to report. My sbd 0.500 not yet be refund

first kindly i sent 1.000 sbd but received just 0.900 to upvote my post and send 2 times 0.020 that means 0.040 and please upvote without comments on my posts this is all and you have to correct every sentence.

Hello @morwhale,
I have sent 0.05 SBD but still don't receieve any upvote or refund.

I appreciate all upvotes, resteems and follows.


This bots a flipping scammer !!!! DO NOT USE IT! I sent sbd weeks ago and still never got anything and no replies or comments back!


I RETRACT MY REPLY IT TOOK A FEW WEEKS BUT I SEE @morwhale did refund my sbd yesterday

I sent you .02 A few weeks ago and still haven’t received anything no reply no nothin, do you plan on refunding all those that paid you and got nothin?

i am 2 time send sbd but you nithing back to me why

hlw why you back to anything

I have send 0.100 SBD but your upvotes are so worthless thats the price didn't changes.....


And i want to refunded my 0.090 SBD'S

I have already translated 0.100 SBD, but I have not received an upvote or a return.
I ask to return tokens.


i sent 0.2 steem 3 days ago but didnit got any upvote , didnot got any refund . again i have sent 0.2 steem for upvote https://steemit.com/dsound/@sexualhealing/20180228t071554337z-dj-instrumental-mix


Only posts that have received less than 4 votes will be refunded.

  ·  2년 전

hello i mistakenly send 0.8 sbd , it must be 0.08 . Can you check please ?


0.72 SDB Refunded , You are welcome