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A law professor asked a student: What's your name?
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The student replied, so the professor expelled him without a reason
The student tried to defend himself and the professor rebuked him and took him out of the lecture hall.
The student came out with a sense of injustice and the students were silent.
Then he began the lecture and asked the students: Why were the laws made?
One student said: to control the behavior of people, another student said: to apply, said a third student: so as not to tempt the strong on the weak ...
The professor said: Yes, but that is not enough
A student raised her hand and replied: "Until justice is achieved ..."
The professor said: Yes, this is the answer to prevail justice.
Now what is the benefit of justice?
A student replied: In order to preserve the rights and do not oppress anyone ...
The professor said: Now answer without fear, did I wronged your colleague when I expelled him?
They all said: Yes
The professor said angrily: So why you silent and did not do anything ..?! What is the benefit of the laws if we do not have the courage to apply them?
If you are silent when someone is oppressed and you do not defend the truth, you lose your humanity, and humanity is not negotiable.
Then the professor called on the student who expelled him and apologized to him in front of all the students and said: This is your lesson today, and you have to achieve in your community what you are ..

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