A journey of light 2

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Life is a continuous struggle leading us towards the inevitable end, and between the point of emergence and the point of decline, man lives in deep conflict with the evil soul of the emirate, the temptations of life and its fascination, which evokes hearts before the hearts, and because we are human beings, the possibility of falling into the center of spiritual alienation is greatly The sense side controls ourselves, and drives us to swim against the current, and God when the creation of man and the amount of descent to the earth knows the certainty of the seriousness of responsibility and honesty carried by this latter for saying the majority of the saying: "We offered the Secretariat to the heavens and the earth and mountains, And Ohafqn of them and carry them human that he was Unjust Foolish "

The fact that man is ignorant of darkness, reflects the fact that many are absent, that man is quarreled by desires, ambitions and tendencies and is surrounded by instincts and is therefore prone to fall, and his fall means that he will hurt himself and touch the other's harms and practices that may result from ignorance .

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