[Pre-Announcement] Morphene Blockchain - [ICO] - Details Inside - Trust-less Online Auctions

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Morphene Blockchain


Hey Steemians!

It is an honor to pre-announce the Morphene Blockchain here on Steem, the place where it all began.

What is the Morphene Blockchain?

The Morphene Blockchain is an application specific Blockchain that builds upon the Graphene library.

When will Morphene launch?

Very soon. We don't have any dates set in stone but the dev team is nearly finished with the auction application and will be ready to release the beta any day now.

Will MORPH be listed on exchanges?

We have a few people working on that already. Fingers crossed we should have announcements for that coming at a later date.

How is Morphene different?

Like Steem, Morphene has three second block intervals. However, unlike Steem, Morphene remains application specific and is able to stay highly efficient due to this. Morphene can handle thousands of transactions per second without feeling it. Morphene will always pull in the best features of the Blockchain from the upstream, however our devs have quite a bit in store for Morphene specifically.

How do I stay in touch?

Website: https://morphene.io
GitHub: https://github.com/morphene
Telegram: https://t.me/morphene_chat
Email: morphene@boonedevelopment.com

Hope to hear from you soon and definitely feel free to engage in the comments. Here is a chance to become part of something great during it's inception.

Also, be sure to sign up for the mailing list on our website.

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Interesting work. I took a look at the code in github and it is more clean and reduced!, also removing references to the steem hardforks 👍

You say that it is for "application specific" (auctions), but how do you prevent apps like steemmonsters, magic dice, or drug wars to work on top of it.


Hey thanks for checking out the repo!

The repo hasn't yet been updated with the Morphene initial release commits that contain the Auction operations and objects and removes all unused operations, such as the customJson ones.

In the launched system, there will simply be now way to submit an operation that is not related to either your account or an auction.

This should be sufficient to prevent anyone from having much of a desire to build a generalized application upon Morphene.

Also, MORPH tokens will only be attainable in the beginning from Morphene directly (or deposited into newly created accounts), so there isn't much risk of any single stakeholder getting a huge amount of tokens. Unsold ICO tokens that are not earmarked for other tasks will either be given away in promotions or burned.

When the Morphene initial release is ready, there will be a more specific document released detailing the intricacies of the system and it's mechanics. Keep on the look out!

it seem interesting hope to join soon

I love the name very clever.

I have no idea from reading this, what application specific would mean and who the target audience is. :)


The mission of Morphene is to recreate online auctions in a Trust-less manner with full transparency.

The first version will only support auctions created with MORPH that pay out MORPH. Since the auction creator receives 10% of the auction payout when it is over (and the winning bidder gets 90%) there is an incentive for users to figure out the optimal auction duration and initial fee to be used when creating auctions.

Choose too low of a fee and users may not even bid on the auction. Choose too high of a fee and you will risk not making a token profit from your auction.

This concept is essentially a distributed environment that promotes competition and engagement between users. If the system is proven successful during version one, Morphene will evolve to support all major cryptocurrencies and essentially become a token exchange.

Over time, the auction format will also evolve and improve to allow users to rate sellers and bidders, sell physical items (like on eBay), and host donation auctions without having to manage them.


Sounds exciting! I'll follow along.

This looks very interesting! Unfortunately your Telegram channel is read only?


Strange .. I will have that looked into immediately. Appreciate the heads up.

Ok should be fixed now. New to Telegram administration and apparently a Channel is only a way to share announcements, not for users to chat. I deleted the channel to gain access to the permlink again and recreated it as a group.


Thanks again for the heads up

Its really looking interesting !!!

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